Urdaibai recovers its overwhelming version

Eskorbuto released the album ‘Anti todo’ in 1986, considered by many to be one of the best Basque radical rock. It included the song ‘Cuidado’, a song that the Urdaibai crew has made their own during this long week to overcome the setback suffered in Galicia and face the Zarautz revalidation with maximum motivation. The lyrics of the Santurtziarra group represent a complete declaration of intent of what the Bermeotarras wanted in Gipuzkoan waters: ‘Be careful, be careful. We warn you. We are the same as when we started.’

And apparently in the first assault of the considered mini Concha, the refrain has penetrated the campus. The ‘Bou Bizkaia’ once again offered one of its great concerts of the summer in one of the great temples of rowing, those in which it seems unattainable and which led it to win six of the seven flags prior to the Galician tour.

‘We are the same as when we started’ was the stanza that echoed over and over again in the heads of the members of the ‘txo’ crew, while the rivals watched them move away and tried to minimize damage. The men led by Iker Zabala will have to finish off the job today (12.15 pm) to revalidate the victory in one of the most important ikurriñas on the calendar, but the instruments seem perfectly tuned and the mixing desk is ready for everything to sound perfectly.

Those skippered by Gorka Aranberri, key once again at the blue stern, will start with eight seconds and sixteen hundredths of an advantage over the best Orio of the season that was exhibited in the second round. The rest of the applicants are already far from facing the flag. Donostiarra is eighteen seconds behind and Hondarribia twenty. It was worse for Zierbena in the first round. The ‘galipos’ yielded twenty-six, and have been left out of the batch of honour. The regattas at sea continue to be his pending subject. Conclusion: Galicia has been a bad flu for Urdaibai and things are back to normal.

The ‘txos’, who rowed down a good street -the two- in view of the rising tide, there was no wind and the wave was approximately one meter, went on the attack from the initial txanpa. However, with the forces still intact in that first sector, Donostiarra managed to hold off his initial rush and even lead the opening maneuver -two seconds over the azulones-. But the panorama changed as soon as the turn was made.

In a flash, Urdaibai went from being a boat behind the ‘Torrekua II’ to showing her the stern. In fact, in minute eight of the haggling -600 meters from the second manoeuvre- those skippered by Aranberri had already opened a gap of four seconds over those led by Igor Makzaga, while Hondarribia and Zierbena suffered on the outside streets -marks three and four-.

Santurtzi and Kaiku

Halfway through the race, the ‘Bou Bizkaia’ had the batch under control, but the time set by Orio (20.20.30) forced him to continue forcing the machine. Forbidden to go out of tune because the yellows had also offered their best concert to date. Zarautz is the second ‘aguilucha’ house and the fact that they distanced themselves by practically half a minute from the second of their sleeve -Getaria- already hinted that Jon Salsamendi’s men could be in the final fight. And wow if they were. When Urdaibai came out of the last turn and headed towards the finish line, both boats were even.

But, when a crew with the potential of Urdaibai has the entire race course at its disposal to run aground, constant references to the regatta situation and a tremendous desire to abort the rebellion registered seven days ago in Galicia by hitting the table, it is difficult. look surprised. Several waves catapulted the ‘txos’ towards an indisputable victory that also puts them back with six points of income over the second place in the Eusko Label Liga, Hondarribia. This time the ‘Ama Gaudalupekoa’, who had several skirmishes with Zierbena in the final metres, beat the ‘galipos’ one-on-one and slipped into today’s round of honor.

And in the lower part one of lime and another of sand for the Biscayan boats. Kaiku has not yet found the desired regularity, while Santurtzi has achieved the stability he needed and is walking steadily towards the play-off in mid-September.

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