the pilot president who gives Lukaku a lift

the pilot president who gives Lukaku a lift

Last Sunday, on site Flightradarthe fans of Roma they were monitoring an aircraft from the fleet of the Friedkin departed from Geneva to London. There was no certainty, but only the feeling – or at most the desire – that it was inside And, the owner and president of the Giallorossi. Yes, because when he moves in the first person, something is brewing. Indeed, the father had gone to join his son Ryan e Tiago Pinto, who left Ciampino the day before, to go and close the deal of the year, the one that the Texans give their fans every summer. At first it was José, in May, suddenly; last year Dybala (and as well Wijnaldum we would say, even if things didn’t go as hoped); this year Romelu Lukakuthe Belgian striker who betrayed Inter, flirted with Juventus, and who instead will train at Trigoria.


Romelu Lukaku, who is the new Roma striker: career, girlfriend, children, fight against racism

That plane of And it is a certainty. Today he has been followed by over 6 thousand people for what is, sportingly speaking and read in the good sense of the word, a collective madness. An aircraft piloted by a president carrying the big shot of a team. It has the flavor of an American film, and we imagine Dan saying to Romelu (as fathers do with their children in those sports films that we all have seen sooner or later) «Hey, champion». A skit seen and reviewed and that is always funny. This time, however, the father arrived in time to see his son play. Indeed, he accompanies him to the game. A different ending.

What only Dan can write.

Also with Mourinho it was the president who piloted that plane which also landed on the runway dedicated to private flights Ciampino. It was July, in Rome there was a scary sun, but that didn’t stop the yellow and red tide which then took the junction and arrived directly at trigory to greet José: scarf around his neck, kiss, and immediately love, at the first moment. Again like an American film. Because when Dan moves something boils. We understand that by now. And he also celebrates Flightradar for the accesses.

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