“The name of Dépor makes the players more expensive”

Al Depor 20 days left mercado y Fernando Soriano seeks a balance between the scarcity of senior chips and the need to reinforce the team and make starts, always with the good and bad of being Dépor. “Inflation rises and the market rises. When Dépor goes to the market, the name makes the players more expensive. The project also sells itself. The market is going to dictate what we will sign. We are not conformists but right now we could leave to compete”, points out a sports director who is looking for a pivot, a striker and is open to incorporating an offensive winger and a left back.

0-0 | Deportivo is choking on Coruxo and O Vao

Right now the Arthur’s departure has left a free senior slot, but there must be more outings or signing sub 23 footballers, a quota touched by the departures of Mario Soriano and Trilli. With the arrival of Ximo Navarro and the recent past, footballers like Cookie, Jaime or Return are the biggest candidates to leave the Depor this month. Soriano admits that “no decision has been made” and that he will communicate in “a week or ten days.”

Idiakez outlines his new Deportivo

Soriano slipped that the renewal of Jeremay, who will continue at the club until 2025 or 2026, as LA OPINIÓN pointed out more than a month ago. He and barcia are the outpost of a quarry in which they excel David Mella and Diego Gomez that they have dismounted somewhat from the dynamics of the first team.

Dépor, for the 20,000 members

Fernando Soriano explains what guides them in the management of the base and in the jump to the first team. “They have the door half open and we want people who really push it. They are going to have opportunities, we want to see them more closely,” says the head of sports planning.

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