The FSA-PSOE calls for the resignation of Cuetos Lobo for his support for Rubiales: “His attitude is a drag”

The Autonomous Executive Commission of the FSA-PSOE has approved a resolution requesting the resignation of the president of the Asturian Federation, José Ramón Cuetos Lobo, after he revealed his support for the continuity of Luis Rubiales in LA NUEVA ESPAÑA. “The best thing for Spanish football is for Rubiales to continue, assured the president of Asturian football.

“The applause for Rubiales’ speech in which José Ramón Cuetos Lobo participated as president of the Principality of Asturias Football Federation is unacceptable for a representative of Asturian football. Silence in the face of machismo is the necessary cooperator for violence against women to be perpetuated. The attitude of Cuetos Lobo, of full support and complicity with Rubiales in the absence of convictions for these behaviors and in defense of the dignity of the soccer players, is a burden for the representation of the Principality of Asturias Soccer Federation”, exposes the resolution of the FSA-

“The statements by Cuetos Lobo in which he pointed out that Rubiales is the victim of a campaign of harassment and in which he defended his continuity as the best for Spanish football do not represent the values ​​of Asturian football or of the athletes of our land, and neither are the values ​​of an Asturian society that feels ashamed and embarrassed by the statements of this leader. For all these reasons, from the FSA-PSOE we demand the immediate and irrevocable resignation of the president of the Football Federation of the Principality of Asturias. From the Asturian Socialist Federation we express our strongest support for Jenni Hermoso, as well as all the players, and our full support for the Government of Asturias in the actions it has initiated in defense of the rights of athletes and to guarantee that in no case episodes of violence, discrimination or harassment occur,” the letter concludes.

2023-08-28 18:32:01
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