The Chinese Badminton Team Prepares for the 2023 World Championships: Facing Challenges and Seeking Redemption

Original title: The World Championships is coming soon, and the Chinese badminton team is facing the big test again

Ci Xin, reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily

In the year before the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, the international badminton competitions are extremely intensive. After the Chinese badminton team just won the Sudirman Cup for three consecutive championships in May, on August 21, it will usher in the big test of the 2023 World Badminton Championships. Relying on the advantages of overall strength, the Chinese team has achieved three consecutive Sudirman Cup championships this year, but in the Badminton World Championships, which examines the individual strength of each team, the Chinese team is facing a greater test.

For the Chinese team, the biggest regret of last year’s Badminton World Championships was that the Olympic champion Chen Yufei lost to Japanese player Akane Yamaguchi in the women’s singles final and missed the women’s singles champion. In 2011, Chinese player Wang Yihan won the women’s singles championship in the World Championships as the dividing line. Before that, Chinese players had absolute dominance in the women’s singles event of the World Championships. In the 19th World Championships, Chinese players won the women’s singles in the 15th competition. But after that, the women’s singles championship of the World Championships seemed to be a closed channel for Chinese players. Up to last year, in the eight Badminton World Championships, Chinese players have never won the women’s singles championship again. Even the Olympic champion Chen Yufei, because of repeated obstacles in the women’s singles field of the Badminton World Championships, has always been unable to resolve the regret of missing the World Championships champion, and the name of achieving the Grand Slam has been delayed again and again.

This year’s Badminton World Championships is about to start, but the Chinese women’s singles signing is not good. According to the draw results of the recent Badminton World Championships, among the four Chinese women’s singles players, the three main players, Chen Yufei, He Bingjiao and Wang Zhiyi, were not only divided into the same half area, but also in the same quarter area. Another Chinese women’s singles player, Han Yue, guards the other half of the zone alone. The same zone includes famous players such as defending champion Akane Yamaguchi and Dai Ziying. It is extremely difficult for Han Yue to break through this half of the zone. Such a lottery result will undoubtedly greatly increase the difficulty of the Chinese women’s singles championship.

In addition to whether the Chinese players can realize the women’s singles championship dream is a major attraction of this Badminton World Championships, in the past 10 years, with the continuous birth of new kings and new miracles in the women’s singles field of the Badminton World Championships, There are many others worthy of attention. For example, Japanese player Akane Yamaguchi, who made Chen Yufei hate last year, has a chance to become the first three-time women’s singles champion in the history of Badminton World Championships this year. The Spanish player Marin has the opportunity to continue to break the record she has won the most women’s singles championships at the Badminton World Championships (currently this record is created by Marin 3 times). In addition, Chinese Taipei player Tai Ziying, who has long occupied the world’s No. 1 badminton women’s singles ranking, will participate in the Badminton World Championships for the last time. Although Dai Ziying set the longest record of 150 weeks in the women’s singles world ranking, she has never won the women’s singles championship in the World Championships. Whether she, who will retire next year, can usher in another peak moment at the end of her career is also a topic that fans talk about.

In this year’s Badminton World Championships, the mixed doubles, a strong event of the Chinese team, also had poor luck in signing. Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong, Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping, Jiang Zhenbang/Wei Yaxin all fell into the upper half of the Chinese team’s three mixed doubles, which means that the Chinese team, which had hoped to achieve the two pairs of players in the mixed doubles final by virtue of their strength advantages , There is no chance to lock the champion and runner-up of the mixed doubles event in advance.

If it has been too long since the Chinese players lost the women’s singles championship at the World Badminton Championships, then it is also a long wait for Chinese players to regain the men’s singles championship at the World Championships. After Chen Long won the men’s singles championship in the World Championships in 2015, the men’s singles field of the Badminton World Championships has become a trend of competition. Kento Momota, Axelsen, and Luo Jianyou take turns to sit on the court, but no Chinese players are seen anymore. . What is even more embarrassing is that at last year’s World Championships, the men’s singles bronze medal won by Chinese player Zhao Junpeng is already the best result of a Chinese player in the men’s singles event of the Badminton World Championships since 2019. In this World Championships, the Chinese team participated in the men’s singles event with full participation, and the four players Shi Yuqi, Zhao Junpeng, Li Shifeng, and Lu Guangzu’s lottery are also relatively normal. The number one main player Shi Yuqi has recovered significantly in the past year, and the morale of the players is high. The Chinese men’s singles is expected to achieve a breakthrough in this World Championships.

In the women’s doubles event, the defending champion and China’s ace combination Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan will continue to be the number one favorite to win the championship. But it is worth noting that Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan, who are the targets of public criticism, are also facing more and more threats from their opponents. At the Japan Badminton Open that ended just half a month ago, Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan lost 0:2 to their old rivals, the South Korean combination Kim So Young/Kong Xirong, which was enough to arouse the vigilance of the Chinese team.

In the men’s doubles event, last year’s Chinese men’s doubles players who were not ranked enough to participate due to the separation of pairs, have a total of 4 pairs of combinations qualified for the competition this year. Liu Yuchen/Ou Xuanyi’s tenacious style in this year’s Sudirman Cup competition is impressive, but the state of the game has fluctuated a lot recently. The World Championships will also be a key battle for the Chinese men’s doubles to further enhance their self-confidence before the Paris Olympics.

China Youth Daily, Beijing, August 14th

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