the arrival on the plane piloted by Friedkin

the arrival on the plane piloted by Friedkin

Here we are, Romelu Luke he is a soccer player Roma. Only the official is missing but this will arrive today, at the time of the signatures, with the footballer who is expected in the city in mid-afternoon (after 5pm). He will land with the loan formula Ciampino, on the plane piloted by President Friedkin (who will previously pick him up in Brussels), closely following the arrival of Mourinho a couple of years ago. The Special, Dybala and now Big Rom: everything can be said, unless the US ownership has accustomed the Giallorossi fans to summers… special. Ok, in the case of the Belgian the championship has already started, not too well by the way. But Romelu is the giant to cling to to put behind bad moods, delays and definitely aim for the Champions League area. An all-in, that of Roma, dictated by the new formula of the top continental competition for clubs which will be staged from next season. Not being there, for the sixth consecutive year, could create an economic gap that can no longer be recovered.


Lukaku in Rome today: landing at Ciampino at 5pm. Agreement with Chelsea: 5.8 million for the Blues


And so it finally came. After a very long day, in which the entire Giallorossi headquarters moved to London. To Pinto and the two Friedkinin fact the CEO Souloukou and the woman of the counts of Trigoria, Dr. Anna, joined RabuanoChief of Financial Planning. The white smoke arrived yesterday just before dinner time, when the drawn faces of the Roma management, leaving the river meeting staged with the two sports directors of the Blues, Winstanley and Stewart, gave way to a first smile. Roma and Chelsea have reached an agreement for the the Belgian’s annual loan of 5.8 million plus bonuses with the Giallorossi which will guarantee the player 7.5 million, including bonuses, which are easy to collect. Chelsea will not participate in the salary but will pay the two months of July and August which will allow Big Rom to slightly exceed the 9 million mark, what the Belgian earned last year with Inter.

Roma did their best – they also paid commissions (2 million) – they couldn’t go any further. Because if it is true that he will be able to take advantage of the Growth Decree (doubts had arisen given that Lukaku, by signing for Roma, will enter the fifth year of benefit of the same, the year of return to Chelsea in this sense does not affect, a case that determines all a series of different fulfilments, above all at a fiscal level), he could not go further. He under penalty of exceeding the transfer balance which would have led to the exclusion of some element from the list. A year of the attacker will weigh around 15.6 million on Trigoria’s coffers (9.8 million gross for the salary and 5.8 for the loan). Curiosity: in the private agreement between Romelu and Chelsea, in addition to reducing the salary (initially by 11 million) for this season and for the next two years, Chelsea has included a release clause of 37 million pounds (currently 43 million euros ) which will allow the London club – in the event of a sale – not to make a minus.


Thus ends the late summer soap opera which radically changes moods, opinions and seasonal goals for Roma (which in the last few hours has received a survey from United for Spinazzola). Because having Lukaku makes all the difference in the world. And it doesn’t matter if he will only be available after the break and initially won’t be able to be at the top. He is the footballer who turns the balance upside down in Serie A. He hasn’t been at the top for two seasons but you just need to look at what happened last year to understand what he can give. On matchday 30, Inter sadly slipped to fifth place in the standings. Inzaghi relies on Romelu, hitherto plagued by muscle problems. Result? Seven goals in the last 8 games. Nerazzurri third in the standings and in the middle of the Champions League area. Now in Rome he will have at least 35 days to engrave and cross this finish line. Mou and Roma are waiting for him. The story has just begun.

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