The arbitration novelties: less ‘penalties’ and more minutes of play

Football matches lasting 90 minutes have gone down in history. It was an old-fashioned motto, since the tendency was to always add a minute. Now it will be several minutes. The ones that are needed. Those considered by the referee. That has not changed.

The referees have agreed, in the recent preparatory meeting for the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA), which will protect the game and the spectator and will lengthen the matches by correcting wasted minutes, a growing trend among substitutions (three substitution windows), long and spectacular goal celebrations, and injury simulations, for not talk about the delays in putting the ball into play by those who defend a tight score.

The Qatari trend

As a general rule, it has been established that one minute for each goal scored which is the average that they have calculated that the celebrations last. Substitutions will average 30 seconds additional. Of course, the time spent on each VAR review will also be included.

The referees have guidelines to make up the maximum lost time and fearlessly activate the stopwatch at stoppages. A match with five goals and six substitutions to easily add up more than 100 minutes long, as already seen in the Qatar World Cup. An agony for the loser. But also with adjusted markers if the footballers insist on reducing the effective playing time.

There will be more minutes and less “penalties” in the affirmation of Luis Medina Cantalejo, the CTA president. Understood as penaltitos light contacts or “low intensity” in the area as holds or charges and that would not be signaled as clear fouls anywhere on the field outside the areas. On the contrary, there will be more rigor and severity in strong or violent entries.

hands without yellow

The hands will once again be one of the points of discussion. The sanction they will deserve will not be discussed: if a hand prevents a goal, with the goalkeeper surpassed, it will be punished with a red card; a hand in a center, in a shot that does not go to the goal or is directed between the three sticks and the goalkeeper is behind, it will be a penalty but will not entail a card red or yellow for the offender. And, precisely on penalties, the referees will repress the actions of the goalkeepers (and if it comes from the players) who intend to annoy, distract or provoke the pitcher. Repression with admonition, of course.

Less visible to the viewer will be the reserve assistant referee may assist the regular referee if you observe any offense from the band, and not only those committed by coaches and substitutes. Until now they were mere replacements for cases of injury to the referee. If, for example, someone unidentified throws a ball onto the field from the bench, the coach will be punished because he is considered the most responsible of the group.

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