The 2023 Columbian Archery Trophy: A Successful Participation and Prestigious Tournament

The 2023 Columbian Archery Trophy is once again a participation successNearly three hundred athletes, from thirty clubs in Spain and Portugal, went through the facilities of the Asirio Club in Huelva to play this prestigious tournament. Despite this, the closeness in dates with the Spanish Open Air Championshipjust a week before the Columbian Trophy, and the busy calendar of national competitionswithout a doubt, notably harmed the participation of athletes from the northern part of the peninsula, which did not prevent the number of registrations from being of the highest of the last years.

This high participation makes the Columbian Trophy one of the major events of national scope in this discipline, only surpassed by the Spanish Championships. The good atmosphere that is breathed in the Huelva club and the precious silver caravels, make this championship attractive for athletes. This year there has been the presence of important figures among the attendees, several international shooters y numerous medalists in Spanish championships, such as José Saavedra González, Miguel Ángel Medina Orta, Agustín Rodríguez Gutiérrez, Antonia Gutiérrez Risco, Marta Aznar Tejero or Antonia Ruíz Barba.

On Wednesday, August 2, the competition opened with the dispute of the night testto continue on Saturday 5 with the participation of the smallestup to the junior category, and finish on Sunday the 6th with the absolutes. It should be noted the equality between competitors of both sexes in the junior competitionall thanks to the project of the Women’s Archery Schoolwhich was born six years ago with the support of the Huelva Port Authority.

The main dish arrived on Sunday with the senior competitionOne hundred and forty shooters, almost the full capacity of the Huelva shooting range, fought to get the coveted silver caravel. During this day there were exciting moments in all categories.

In female recurve bow there was a beautiful dispute between Marta Aznar Tejero and Judit Jiménez Llanes, which was located just 4 points away after the first set. In the second phase of the competition, Marta decided to distance herself from her partner, which led to sensational victory. In the men’s section, Agustín Rodríguez Gómez gave no option to any of his rivals and authoritatively took the silver caravel.

Another of the categories to follow was that of male compound bow, where equality was maximum. Álvaro de los Santos Sánchez was fighting with Francisco Gómez Martínez from Extremadura, whom he defeated by 4 points.

the girls of traditional bow They held an exciting competition, as the Spanish medalists, Antonia Ruiz Barba from Seville and Clara Verdier Pérez from Huelva, were evenly matched for much of the Trophy. Finally, the greatest experience of the Sevillian woman who won by a meager difference. In the male class, another national medalist, Manuel Rodríguez Domínguez had no rival and was made with the caravel dominating from start to finish.

He standard arc also provided exciting moments to the Trophy, in which three athletes got into a fight nice fight, the Assyrians Alejandro Castilla Sánchez and Manuel Jesús Núñez Feria, together with Santiago Palacios Martínez from Cuenca. Alejandro ended up beating Santiago and Manuel by a few points. In women, María del Mar Sorribas Panero prevailed with solvency about his companions Rocío Pérez Guzmán and Gema Rodríguez García.

The 19th edition of the silver caravel tournament has turned out to be a success, both in terms of attendance by athletes, as well as the level shown by them, the predominant note being the equality and the high scores registered, which gives an idea of ​​the category of the event, which thanks to the work of the Asirio club, in collaboration with the Huelva City Council, Huelva Provincial Council and the Andalusian Regional Government Sports Department, make year after year anus acquire prestige in the peninsular territory.

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