Spanish Football Federation calls on Rubiales to resign

After the kiss scandal, Luis Rubiales probably lost his last support in Spanish football. On Monday evening, the heads of the regional associations called on the president of the national federation RFEF to resign.

“Following the recent events and the unacceptable behavior that has seriously damaged the image of Spanish football, the presidents demand that Luis Rubiales resign as RFEF president immediately,” the federation said in a statement after an extraordinary meeting of regional presidents.

Earlier, prosecutors at the National Court of Justice opened a preliminary investigation into Rubiales for alleged sexual assault. She also turned to national player Jennifer Hermoso, who was suddenly kissed on the mouth by Rubiales at the award ceremony after the World Cup final against England (1-0).

In Spain, many protesters express their solidarity with world champion Jennifer Hermoso. : Image: Reuters

She should report “within 15 days” to “be informed about her rights as a victim of an alleged sexual assault” and, if necessary, “to file a complaint,” the authority wrote.

Rubiales had already been temporarily banned for 90 days by the world governing body FIFA at the weekend, and he was also banned from contact with Hermoso. He refused to voluntarily resign as head of the association, instead giving a polemical defense speech at an extraordinary RFEF meeting on Friday.

In addition, the sports court TAD dealt with the kiss scandal on Monday, but no decision had been made until late in the evening.


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