Rubiales’ mother: “My son asks me to stop but I will be here until my body can take it”

The church of the Divina Pastora in the city of Motril has probably had one of the most massive masses in its history. After two days of confinement and hunger strike inside the temple, Luis Rubiales’ mother has broken her silence just before the start of mass on Tuesday. “My son tells me to stop, but I will be here until my body can take it.”

At 7:15 p.m. the doors of the church were opened. The sacristan, without even remotely expecting what could come, came with her key and found herself overwhelmed by the circumstances. The picture in the church was unique. A few people prepared to pray the rosary. Lots of journalists coming and going. All looking for the place where Ángeles Béjar, the parent, was hidden.

Right in one of the adjoining chambers, a door closing gave her away. A chair covered the entrance to prevent anyone from breaking in by surprise. After discovering the lady’s hiding place, she herself found herself with no escape. She knew that, yes or yes, she would have to end up talking about her imprisonment, her hunger strike and her cause. Also that of her son Luis Rubiales.

A plainclothes policeman managed to enter the room, consulted the situation with Ángeles, and the woman herself decided to open the doors. There a point was reached that should never have been reached within a church.

“This is the house of the Lord!”

It should be noted that while all this event was taking place, the parishioners tried to pray the rosary as they do every day before mass. In a completely Berlanguian picture, the patience of some listeners ran out. Shouting “This is the house of the Lord!”, they went in search of the Police, who had to evict the vast majority of journalists and cameras.

Rubiales’ mother spoke, but that doesn’t mean her protest is over. Despite reaching her second night of fasting, the woman, as she has explained, does not intend to give up. «I just want -Jennifer Hermoso- to tell the truth, she knows that my son is very honest. If she tells the truth she solves everything. It was an anecdote, as she herself has said, and she looks at where he has come to. That he be aware of it and that he act under it », her mother has asked. “My son is very worried, he asks me not to continue, to stop, but I will be here until my body can take it,” she added, confirming that she has spent the night sitting in a chair and that she has water, isotonic drinks and pills. “My doctor has come and told me that he is fine,” she specified.

The people of Motril are not in favor of Luis Rubiales. He’s not against it either. It is impossible to find any neighbor who defends the acts committed by the then president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation -now suspended-, but practically all agree that they are acting “disproportionately” after the controversial kiss from Motril to Jennifer Hermoso . “There are hundreds of problems more important than this that are not being given importance,” a neighbor scolded journalists as he left the Divina Pastora temple.

The priest who officiated at the ceremony opted for prudence. If anyone unrelated to the controversy had attended this mass, he would not have known that something strange was happening there, nor that there was a woman entrenched in one of the rooms, beyond running into a parish full to the brim. Filled in part thanks to Ángeles Béjar, and in part because of really sad news.

an honorary mass

The mass was officiated in honor of Paco, a 65-year-old inhabitant of Motril who passed away last Sunday. In the midst of all the media chaos that arose as a result of Luis Rubiales kissing the Pachuca soccer player in the Spanish celebration of the World Cup, a very dear neighbor lost his life. And his family came to say goodbye to him.

At the exit, there were practically more curious than faithful interested in hearing mass. And that the temple was filled. It was not a demonstration in favor of anyone, as happened on Monday. Nor was it against it. It was human curiosity, the curiosity of a people who still can’t believe what is happening in their own home.

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