Racing Club Advances to Libertadores Cup Quarterfinals after Stunning Comeback against Atlético Nacional

In the Cilindro de Avellaneda, Fernando Gago’s team won 3-0 and reversed the two goals behind with which they came from Colombia. Roger Martinez, the figure.

Racing Club went to the quarterfinals of the Libertadores Cupinstance in which he will face Boca Juniors defining the series as local, after turning the round of 16 key this Thursday to National Athleticfrom Colombia, with whom he had lost 4-2 in Medellín last week.

It was 3 to 0 with goals from Roger Martinezthe figure of the encounter, Augustine Ojeda y Juan Aguirrethe latter against his fence.

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Roger Martínez: “I had no doubts that we were turning it around here”

Maximilian Uria

Racing turned the series against Atlético Nacional on an unforgettable night and now it goes to Boca

The Racing players celebrate the 3-0. (AP/Gustavo Garello)

In the Cilindro, they won 3-0 and qualified for the quarterfinals with a 5-4 aggregate. In the next instance it will collide with those of Almirón and again it will define as local. Read more.

Racing beat Atlético Nacional de Medellín 3-0 at the Cilindro de Avellaneda with goals from Roger Martínez, Agustín Ojeda and Juan Aguirre -against- and will play the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores. In the next instance they will face Boca: in the week of August 22 the first leg will be played at La Bombonera and the series will be defined in the week of 39, at the Presidente Perón Stadium. There will be an Argentine semifinalist in the Cup.


Racing players celebrate the 3-0 win over Atlético Nacional. (AP Photo/Gustavo Garello)

5 more minutes will be played

ST 44m. Racing endures in the end and Atlético Nacional doesn’t hurt. The Academy caresses the ticket to the quarterfinals.

ST 35m. Change at Atlético Nacional: Asprilla for Moreno.

ST 34m. Baltasar Gallego is hand in hand with Castillo, but defines deviated. Near the Academy.

ST 32m. Center and header from Piovi, which goes wide. Racing looks for one more goal to settle the series.

ST 31m. Arias stayed on the floor and set off the alarms in the Racing bank, which no longer has any changes.

ST 22m. Change in Racing: Maxi Romero enters for the injured Roger Martínez.

ST 21m. Roger Martínez felt pain in the hamstring of his right leg and was left lying on the grass. They fear a tear.

ST 17m. Change in Racing: Baltasar Gallego enters for Agustín Ojeda.

Video: Roger Martínez’s dribble and the goal against Juan Aguirre

ST 14m. Three changes in Atlético Nacional: Román, Palacios and Ramírez for Devenish, Cantera and Duque.

ST 12m. Roger Martínez piled up rivals in the area on the right and took a low cross that Juan Aguirre tried to reject and ended up converting against his own goal: Racing won 3-0 and turned the series around.

Video: Ojeda escaped to the right and defined for Racing 2-0

ST 6m. Oroz had the third! The midfielder reached the area, but hooked for his less skilled leg and took a right hand that went wide. Racing is close.

ST 5m. Ojeda escaped to the right, faced the goalkeeper and defined between Castillo’s legs to make it 2-0. Now the series is even and for now they are going to penalties.

ST 2m. Piovi tries a free kick, but the shot goes wide.

ST 1m. Roger Martínez faces the center and the ball remains for Ojeda who receives the foul. Racing came out with everything.



PT 47m. Roger Martínez tries his forehand, but Castillo keeps the ball. The first half is gone.

PT 45m. Racing goes with everything at the end of the first half, but Atlético Nacional holds close to their area.

PT 40m. Another cross to the Atlético Nacional area, but the defense rejects it. Try Gomez from outside the box, far. Racing goes for arrogance, but lacks precision in attack.

PT 37m. Racing goes for the second. Piovi tries a free kick, but Castillo keeps the ball.

Video: Roger Martínez’s header

PT 29m. Roger Martínez hit a tremendous header to make it 1-0 for La Academia. Now the series is 4-3 and Fernando Gago’s men need one more goal to force penalties.

PT 26m. Racing cannot break Atlético Nacional. The crosses that land in the area of ​​the Colombian team are deactivated by the goalkeeper Castillo or by the defenders.

Castillo keeps the ball before Hauche’s charge. (Emma Fernandez)

PT 21m. Racing presses and fills the area of ​​Atlético Naciona with crosses, which for now is defending itself well and does not suffer.

PT 17m. Two headers in the area are not always a goal: Sigali won and then Piovi, but the ball went over the crossbar.

Harlen Castillo keeps the ball in the Cilindro de Avellaneda. (Emma Fernandez)

PT 14m. Atlético Nacional cools off the game with Maxi Cantera, who holds the ball and receives fouls in the rival field. The Colombians balanced the game.

PT 10m. Yellow for Piovi! The Racing central defender lowered it to Nelson Deossa when Atlético Nacional came out against.

PT 7m. Racing had it again! Ojeda overflowed on the right and sent the cross back to Jonathan Gómez, who defined it wide.

Jonathan Gómez and Solis dispute the ball in the air. (Emma Fernandez)

PT 1m. Ojeda escapes to the right and finishes off crossed, but the goalkeeper Harlen Castillo deflects the corner. He started with everything The Academy.

The teams are already on the field of play!

Confirmed team for Atlético Nacional

Gago’s word, minutes from the rematch: “I am very confident in what we can do today”

Racing’s eleven to try to turn the series around!

This is how the Racing bus arrived in Avellaneda

Atlético Nacional is also preparing to go out onto the pitch of the Cilindro de Avellaneda

The Cylinder is illuminated for the rematch between Racing and Atlético Nacional

The locker room of La Academia, ready for a night of the Copa Libertadores

A dissident faction of the Racing bar approached the hotel where Gago’s squad is concentrated

Atlético Nacional is in Buenos Aires with all the enthusiasm to face Racing

The impressive reception that Racing fans prepare to turn Atlético Nacional around and continue in the Copa Libertadores

Avellaneda Cylinder – Racing Field

The Cilindro de Avellaneda will look full next Thursday, when the team led by Fernando Gago will try to overcome the two goals behind against the Colombians. The details. Read more.

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