Pacuco: «Misa has had a bad time, she had been a starter»

«Misa had been playing regularly, being a regular starter before qualifying for the World Cup and for a game in which things went wrong – Spain lost 4-0 against Japan – she paid the consequences, something that in my opinion shouldn’t have happened”. Regrets Pacuco Rosales –former coach of UD Las Palmas between 1995 and 1997–, referring to the substitution of the Real Madrid goalkeeper, replaced under the sticks of the national team by his teammate Cata Coll, since the round of 16 clash against Switzerland , in which Spain won 1-5, with the Balearic Islands in goal.

Among the hundreds of spectators who came to the Juan Ramón Jiménez theater to cheer on the team from a distance in their very final with England, was a luxury spectator, Pacuco Rosales, a more than authorized voice to talk about a historic event like the one that It was lived yesterday in the town of Telde.

“I am a friend of the family, close to her father, I know her and I know she is having a hard time,” the Gran Canaria technician sincerely acknowledged, who did not hesitate to appear at the theater to wrap up as a sign of support for Misa’s family. , and incidentally being one of the nearly 450 fans who witnessed the final of the Women’s World Cup on the giant screen.

“It’s a very important change in football,” Rosales stated categorically, visibly moved by the passion with which the fans followed each event of the match and by the visibility that is beginning to be given by the media and by society itself, by Women’s Football. Undoubtedly, the presence of Misa in the national team, even if it was in a testimonial way in the grand final, sitting on the bench, was one of the triggers for the success of the call from the Teldense town hall, to cover the natural soccer player from the sentry box.

Pacuco highlighted the constant “growth” of the fans for soccer in general and for women’s soccer in particular, in Telde, which also helped to explain the attendance of so many fans of all ages, both men and women, who did not stop encourage the team in each play, receiving at the end the tremendous joy of seeing Spain crowned for the first time in its history, as women’s soccer world champion. Without a doubt, the great Pacuco Rosales was one of the most excited after the final whistle sounded and that it was a complete “victory for the Teldense fans”, reiterated the coach from Gran Canaria with a special sparkle in his eyes.

A VAR with a Canarian flavor

The referee Alejandro Hernández Hernández was awarded an honorary distinction by FIFA, along with the rest of the referees participating in the Women’s World Cup. The braid from Lanzarote, belonging to the committee of the province of Las Palmas, was one of those in charge of arbitrating from the controversial VAR room, the matches that faced the national teams of Denmark and China, and Brazil against Panama. This recognition joins the consolidated trajectory of the referee from Gran Canaria throughout his years in the elite of national arbitration, both in the Second and First Division. In his professional career he has refereed both Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​in addition to having the opportunity to direct two Champions League matches and was in the VAR room in Qatar.

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