Olympics, first flop for Milan: the Palasharp will not be refurbished to host hockey. The races moved to the Fair

A slew of announcements – dai enthusiastic tones – to say that the Lombard capital will be the city ofhockey. For the Milan-Cortina 2026 Foundation, Lombardy region and the Common And “a win”: the women’s competitions will officially be held in Rho Fiera. Not a linehowever, to say that the palasharp – the building abandoned since 2011, which hosted basketball and prestigious concerts – will remain as it is now: a crumbling building. In fact, according to the original plans, the structure should have hosted women’s hockey and, consequently, would have been a sort of “legacy” of the Italian Olympics.

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Part of the competitions, therefore, will be held at PalaItalia Santa Giulia (whose work should start shortly). Instead, he leaves in pavilions 22 and 24 of the Fair, where in three years time there will also be the speed skating (after the renunciation of Baselga di Pinè, in Trentino). “Our city confirms itself as the venue for the men’s and women’s hockey competitions of the next winter Olympics and Paralympics” said the councilor for sport, Martina Riva. “A new Olympic center will actually come to life at Rho Fiera: an optimal solution in terms of efficiency, which also allows us to overcome the critical issues associated with the exponential and unexpected increase in costs of the former Palasharp, as much as 155% more, due to the increase in material prices caused by the war and by well-known international events. Together with the Lombardy Region, the Milano Cortina 2026 Foundation and the Fiera, we therefore promptly found a valid solution that will allow us to guarantee the IOC and the athletes an adequate competition venue, in the right time, in our city. And this is a victory for Milan”. The costs for the restructuring, according to the calculations of the Municipality, would have passed from 18 to 46 million euros. But the structure, in theory, should remain in the Olympic orbit: the hypothesis is that it will become a sort of collection center for volunteers. The solution found in extremis at the Fair, from what we learn, it will be temporary: time to finish the Olympics and everything will be dismantled. In the face of legacies.

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2023-08-03 09:38:15
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