Nick Kyrgios Faces Uncertain Future in Tennis Due to Ongoing Injuries

Tennis professional Nick Kyrgios (28) is still suffering from the consequences of some injuries from the past. According to recent statements by the extroverted player, it is more open than ever how long the Australian will be on the ATP tour.

Kyrgios has only made one game so far this year. He most recently missed Wimbledon after undergoing knee surgery earlier this year.

“When I’m gone, you’ll never see me again.” Above all, the tight schedule of the ATP tour goes completely against the grain of Kyrgios. “The plan is out of control.” The Australian had previously complained about the packed calendar and announced that he wanted to focus on Grand Slams.

“Because of the parties and alcohol, my body feels like that of a 57-year-old,” says the powerful Kyrgios. According to his own statement, there would be no chance that he would still play when he was 33.

It is currently completely unclear when Kyrgios can be back on the court. The Australian with Greek roots is “far from being fit,” said his trainer Mark Philippoussis.

Nick Kyrgios recently received media attention with a tattoo campaign. As he shared with his fans on Instagram, some Pokémon figures now adorn his back. “Five artists at once at a table in one of the best studios,” wrote Kyrgios in his Instagram story.

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