Narco uses brick kilns in Los Altos de Jalisco to incinerate bodies: Luz de Esperanza Collective – El Sol de México

The Luz de Esperanza collective has a record that in the Altos de Jalisco Region, organized crime uses brick kilns to incinerate bodies so that their relatives do not find them, in addition there would be at least two camps, in which hundreds of people would be deprived of liberty and forced to prepare to join their ranks.

“Information that has been sent to the group about camps, at least two camps in the Altos de Jalisco area, where there could be more than 300 people deprived of their liberty and that they send to states like Tamaulipas, Michoacán,” he revealed. Héctor Flores, leader and founder of the Luz de Esperanza collective.

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One of those training camps for organized crime would be near the municipality of Encarnación de Díaz and the other alone.

He recognized that in areas such as Encarnación de Díaz and Teocaltiche, it is not possible to carry out searches due to the presence of criminal groups, the state of ungovernability and the proximity of the camps.

“In Teocaltiche they are using the brick kilns, supposedly to incinerate human remains and in fact there is a strong presence of organized crime, and despite the presence of both state and federal authorities, security cannot be guaranteed there.”

He pointed out that the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office is already aware of these reports, but there is no willingness on the part of that agency to intervene, even the argument in the case of the brickyards is that search warrants are required, but they do not process them either.

Worse yet, the institution for the prosecution of justice has asked the collective to witness the existence of the camps and the brick kilns, which generates mistrust of the agency.

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He pointed out that there is also a record of another drug training camp in the Valles region, although he did not specify the municipality for security reasons.

In 2017, one was discovered in the municipality of Tala, in that region. On that occasion, four men who were deprived of their liberty and forced to prepare themselves as hitmen were rescued.

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