Milionarios Midfielder Attacks Aguirre Leading to Controversial Red Card for Green Player

The Millonarios midfielder attacked Aguirre. On the next play, the green player was sent off.

Atlético Nacional lost 1-0 to Millonarios, on date 8 of the BetPlay II-2023 League, in a match in which they played the entire second half with ten men and in which they could have lost due to a greater goal difference.

At minute 45+5, and after the referee Bismark Santiago reviewed the VAR, the defender Juan Felipe Aguirre for attacking Larry Vásquez, as both had been holding each other in the area and fighting for the strong mark that existed.

The video was clear and Aguirre deserved the expulsion, however, Nacional fans complained with all reason for a previous action in that same mess in the area. Well, seconds before the expulsion, Aguirre himself was attacked and the play was not reviewed by VAR.

The protagonist was Daniel Giraldo, the other brand midfielder of the ambassador, who threw a fist at the purslane central defender; however, the player was not penalized and the play went past the referee and the VAR judges.

According to specialists in arbitration analysis, such as the ‘VAR Central’ account, or ex-referee José Borda, they agreed that this action should have been reviewed and severely punished.

If the VAR, or judge Bismark Santiago, had detected the aggression, the first expelled from the match should be Giraldo and a penalty should be awarded in favor of Nacional.

The play did change the game, but in favor of the local, who was the first to sin on the El Campín pitch.

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