Manuel Neuer resumed training with Bayern Munich

After a leg injury in December 2002, the 2014 world champion goalkeeper with Germany signed his return to training for the Bavarian club.

Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, away from the field since a fracture in December, is back on Monday for collective training, the Bavarian club announced. “Manuel Neuer is back on the pitch with the FC Bayern goalkeeping team“, According to a press release published on the club’s website.

The 37-year-old captaincompleted a session with his fellow goalkeepers for the first time since breaking his right leg“, during training on Monday morning, which brought together players who had not played in the league the day before against FC Augsburg, the press release continued.

Neuer’s 2022-23 season had ended in December with a broken right lower leg that occurred while on a skiing holiday. The emblematic goalkeeper of the club and of the Mannschaft, the national team, “has now taken another step on the way back“, According to Bayern Munich, while the vagueness remains on the date of resumption in competition of the world champion of 2014.

In the absence of Neuer and after the departure of his replacement Jan Sommer in the offseason, Bayern recruited Israeli goalkeeper Daniel Peretz, 23, at the end of August to assist Sven Ulreich, eternal N.2 at Bayern since 2015.I obviously want to play and I will train as best I can, to show the coach what I am capable of.“, declared Daniel Peretz at the end of August in front of the press.


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