How and until when to vote for him?

FIFA chose the goal of the nationalized American Sophia Braun as the highlight in the contest. The public will choose the winner.

The Argentina women’s soccer team He had to go through critical moments in the World Cup that was held in Australia-New Zealand. Mainly, the uncertainty ran during the 2-2 draw against South Africawhere the Albiceleste came from behind two goals to maintain their chances of qualifying for the round of 16, which ultimately did not happen.

At that moment, when the chances seemed slim, the American appeared Sophia Braun -who defends the Albiceleste shirt because of his relationship with his maternal grandparents who are Argentines-, and scored a great goal, which this Tuesday was nominated among the top ten of the contest that crowned Spain for the first time last Sunday.

It was minute 73 of the game, when the National Team got the discount that excited both the players and the fans, after an act of rebellion shown by the soccer players. After a forced clearance by the South African defenders, the ball left the area, it was at the feet of the defender, who took a lethal right hand to convert the discount, which later became a 2-2 tie and revived the chances of the directed by German Portanova.

It was truly a goal. And that is how FIFA saw it, which through a statement announced that the goal was included in the list of the 10 best goals awarded by this edition of the ecumenical competition.

How to vote for Broun’s goal

The public will be in charge of defining the best goal of the competition, through a vote that is in force on the FIFA website until Monday August 28that is, it will culminate in six days.

The process is easy: at the top of the page will appear the section to enter the space where the 10 goals nominated for the award are displayed. Below the detail of each goal, the ‘vote’ option will appear, which you will have to select to offer your vote.

At the time of making the vote effective, the page will ask you to enter with your username and password created on the FIFA website, or, if you have not previously done so, it will allow you to create it at the moment.

Once the favorite goal has been chosen, and the steps have been completed, the vote will become effective. Although, in case of repentance, the decision can be changed until the moment the voting closes.

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