Finals of the men’s 100 meters and the women’s World Cup!

In the summary of Mondial Sports this Sunday: return first to the final of the 100 meters men in athletics. From one final to another, that of the Women’s World Cup between Spain and England. On the men’s side, Philippe Auclair will tell us about the 2nd day of the Premier League. Finally heading to the Paris Games in 2024, the athletes are preparing intensely in Tunisia. In France, the archers are measured in Paris, less than a year from the Games.


-> Budapest Worlds: Results of the 2nd day with the men’s 100m final in sight.


-> Women’s World Cup: return to the unprecedented final between Spain and England

-> Premier League: the results of the 2nd day of the championship with Philippe Auclair.


-> Tunisia: interview with the President of the Olympic Committee Mehrez Boussayene

-> Archery: Archers measure up in Paris, before the Games!


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