Erling Haaland’s Penalty Woes: Should He Be Replaced at Manchester City?


Erling Haaland is human too, he can miss penalties too. Until the middle of this year, he failed to execute penalties twice, should he be replaced?

Most recently, Erling Haaland failed to carry out his duties as a penalty taker in Manchester City’s match against Sheffield United, Sunday (27/8). Although in the end, in that match City won 2-1 and Haaland was able to make up for his mistake by scoring a goal.

Haaland’s penalty in that match hit the right post. His kick was hard, the opponent’s goalkeeper was fooled, but how could he fail!

Reported from Squawka, Erling Haaland previously executed seven penalties in the Premier League. All seven could be goals, this time the streak is stopped.

In fact, Haaland failed to score a penalty in the match against Bayern Munich in the second leg of the quarterfinals at the end of last April. At that time, Haaland’s shot soared high into the sky.

Erling Haaland throughout his successful career scored 36 goals from the penalty spot at national and club level. Only failed four times, namely two with City and two more with Dortmund.

Will Haaland be trusted to be Manchester City’s penalty taker again? Or other players like Jack Grealish and Julian Alvarez to replace him?



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