Edinson Cavani’s Debut for Boca: Discreet Performance and Missed Opportunity

The 36-year-old Uruguayan forward had the third goal for Xeneize, when they were winning 2-1. He had a discreet performance in his first official minutes with the blue and gold.

First the expectation, then the illusion and finally the reality of the rhythm of South American football and especially the Argentine one. The debut of Edinson Cavani with the shirt of Boca He had all the flavors that a world soccer figure, even in the final stage of a brilliant career, can generate. But of all that he experienced this Wednesday in La Bombonera, what will remain spinning in his head will be that chance a few meters from the goal line, which failed inexplicably and could have settled the series against Nacional from Uruguay.


In the first practice, at the departure from the hotel where the team is concentrated to the stadium, in the previous warm-up, the Uruguayan received the love and encouragement of the people. Pure motivation. More his own for that intimate desire to play in Boca, to step on the Bombonera, as he stated so many times.

With the Brazilian referee’s initial whistle, the striker went down in the history books, because he became the oldest player to debut in Boca, at 36 years, 5 months and 26 daysexceeding the record of Thomas Gonzalez Peralta, who in 1939 played his first game at the age of 36, one month and 9 days. The podium is completed by the Italian Daniele De Rossi, aged 36 years and 20 days.

Photo: Marcelo Carroll – Clarín

After 8 minutes, he had the first connection with Valentín Barco on the left, who gave way back but the Uruguayan defined poorly. It was a warning, but not the only one. Two minutes later, he went to look for Advíncula’s cross at the near post, dragged the mark and appeared from behind Miguel Merentiel for 1-0. He celebrated it with great euphoria, happy with that promising start.

But then it faded as the team. He played double 9 with Merentiel but found himself more open and somewhat behind, without partners to match his mental speed. Plus he controlled it well Daniel Bocanegra, who also at 28 minutes entered strongly. From then until halftime Cavani barely touched one more ball, which he delivered poorly.

Once again he was active at the start of the final part and was there, very close, in Advíncula’s goal. Because after the Peruvian shot, he tried to deflect the ball with his cue, but he didn’t touch it and that feint finally allowed the ball to continue into the net.

After Merentiel left 12 minutes into the final part, he was left as the only tip. and she had a unbeatable chance four minutes latera defender missed and left the ball served in the small area, he touched it with his left foot and the ball went close to Ichazo’s right post. Cavani couldn’t believe it. no one could believe it.

Cavani wanted to celebrate a goal climbed over the fence that his idol Sergio Martínez did in the 90s (it was precisely Manteca who received it at Aeroparque when he arrived on Monday, July 31). But he stayed with the desire. At minute 27, Jorge Almirón decided to replace him with Darío Benedetto.

La Bombonera fired him with applause, beyond a discreet performance, for five points, and hoping to hang from the fence to shout his goals later.

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