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When it comes to air travel, one always hopes to have a smooth flight where you can reach your destination without any problem.

However, what happens when you get a seat next to a family with children screaming, kicking the seat or throwing tantrums: the trip becomes unbearable.

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The reality is that not all children are well behaved and many times the parents do not know how to control them, especially on flights that become heavy due to the flight hours.

It is for this reason that an airline thought of those people who seek their comfort away from minors and created a “child-free” zone.

What is the airline with a “kid-free” zone?

The Turkish-Dutch company Corendon Airlines is the airline that will begin to offer a “child-free” area on its planes, where only travelers over 16 years of age can access.

It will be from November 3, 2023, that Corendon Airlines will become the first European company to provide this type of special service.

This option will only be available for flights between Amsterdam and the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

What is the “kid free” zone like?

The Corendon Airlines “child-free” zone will be located at the front of the aircraft and will have the following characteristics:

It will have 93 standard seats and another nine seats with extra legroom. The section will be separated from the rest of the aircraft by walls and curtains. If you want to buy standard seats in this area, you will have to pay an extra 49 dollars (823 pesos). If you want to buy a seat in this area with additional space, you will have to pay an extra 108 dollars (1,814 pesos).

For his part, the founder of Corendon, Atilay Uslu, stated that the child-free area is intended to “accommodate travelers seeking more tranquility during their flight.”

Likewise, he spoke in favor of parents who travel with children, ensuring that they can now feel less worried about disturbing other passengers.

“They can enjoy the fight without worrying if their kids make a little bit of noise,” he said.

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It should be noted that Corendon is also a company that already offers adults-only hotels in various destinations, such as Ibiza and Bodrum.

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