Corciano Festival: A Journey Through the Past

It’s time to put on the clothes of the past: from tonight Corciano opens its doors to the historical re-enactments of the “Corciano Festival“. An opportunity to go “for a walk” between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, reliving atmospheres, colors and flavors of the past brought to the stage with great commitment and passion by the Corcianesi.

The programme: at 4.30 pm in the gardens of the Torrione di Porta Santa Maria “Corciano for a walk between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance” with the opening of the medieval field, archery area and medieval tavern. At 8 pm the Taverna del Duca is open: dinner with Slow Food presidia and Umbrian excellence. At 21 in Piazza dei Caduti “Torneo dell’Assunta”, the challenge of the infantrymen, medieval fencing tournament in armour. At 21.30 in Piazza Coragino presentation of “The master” book by Nicodemo Gentile (Faust Edizioni). A dialogue with the author will be Lorenzo Lotito, readings by Sandra Fuccelli. In case of bad weather, the event will move to the council chamber of the Town Hall. It continues with shows and events until Sunday, when at 21.30 the event is enriched with “The Minstrels of Corciano”. The artists perform sweet serenades on the windows and balconies and then all gather in the square to celebrate to the sound of bagpipes and tambourines, dancing and singing in a suggestive Renaissance atmosphere. Coordination by Antonietta Battistoni, choreography by Elisa Zucchetti, musical direction by Giovanni Brugnami, with the participation of Carlo Dalla Costa, texts and dramaturgy by Francesca Caprai. Free admission.

Until August 15 gaming with Roompicapo “Discovering Corciano”. A legend tells of a priceless treasure. An object that belonged to the leader Ascanio della Corgna who made him invincible in his battles and which is said to be hidden somewhere in the village of Corciano. Gather your team of relic and treasure hunters, you will have 90 minutes maximum to succeed in the enterprise, deciphering all the puzzles that lead to the treasure. Information, participation fees and reservations: 3295758765 – 3925245864.

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