Controversy Surrounds Winners of China’s U17 Youth Basketball League

[Voice of Hope August 6, 2023](Comprehensive report by our reporter Yang Zheng) In the women’s competition of China’s 2023 National U17 Youth Basketball League that ended a few days ago, the winning team in the finals was the runner-up, while the losing team was the runner-up. The champion is surprising, and the Internet is full of ridicule.

In the finals of this competition, under the leadership of Zhang Ziyu, who is 2.27 meters tall, the Shandong team beat Zhejiang 96-63 by 33 points, but the final championship was awarded to the Zhejiang team, and the Shandong team only won the runner-up.

According to the official statement, according to the regulations of the competition, the total ranking is based on the comprehensive evaluation of the total score of the three scores of the competition score, the quality and technical standard score, and the technical assessment score. The Zhejiang team ranked 1st in the physical test, 1st in the technical evaluation, 2nd in the competition, and the overall ranking was the champion!The Shandong team ranked 10th in the physical test, 5th in the technical evaluation, and 5th in the competition

1. The overall ranking is the runner-up.

Netizens commented one after another:

“That’s fine, then why do you want to fight this match? Isn’t it the end of the day when the awards are presented?”

“Others’ champions are determined by spells, while domestic champions are judged!”

“Winning in the finals is the runner-up, did people come up with it?”

“specialty of China”.

“Do you want face?”

“The one who wins the finals is the runner-up. I am amazed by heaven and man. Next time, I can add a spiritual style award, a hygienic model award, a Mandarin standard award, etc.”

“The biggest joke in the skiing world, a group of jumping clowns ruined the game.”

“Isn’t the result of this game funny? The second place winner, the first place loser, let a girl with a height of 227 jump rope and run for a physical test, can’t Comrade Yao Ming feel it for himself before making a decision? You can do it Are these physical tests?”

Some netizens suspect that the competition is based on the relevant rules formulated by the General Administration of Sports under the guidance of “complementing the shortcomings of physical ability”.

The guidelines have forced fencers to start bending forward, vertical jumping, and rope skipping; “100-meter trapeze” Su Bingtian has to run 3,000 meters; swimmers have to compete in land events.

Some Lu media questioned that letting people who don’t understand basketball and sports to develop this sport will only bury outstanding players who can really play.

There are also Lu media that the National U17 Youth Basketball League is a game registered under the Chinese Basketball Association, and this kind of amateur incident has happened. It can only be said: The Chinese Basketball Association should also check it carefully, it is even worse than Chinese football. The anti-corruption work of China’s three major balls has a long way to go.

On August 7, 2022, a match-fixing incident occurred in the men’s football U15 match of the 16th Guangdong Provincial Games, which led to the investigation of the Chinese men’s football head coach Li Tie in November of the same year. Officers were taken away for investigation.

Former CCTV reporter Ran Xiongfei posted on social media in June this year that South Korean media reported that 100 people were arrested in the football anti-corruption campaign triggered by Li Tie. Ran Xiongfei said that there were more than 60 people detained by the Hubei Disciplinary Inspection Commission Li Tie for investigation, and the Liaoning Public Security Bureau mainly arrested more than 20 players for gambling and match-fixing cases. The 100 people are almost the same as the data held by Ran Xiongfei.

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