Colón Dominates Olivol in High-Scoring Game: Final Score 87-71

The game began with a pure three-pointer, first Diego Álvarez for the visit and quickly Gaskins answering for the local team that stood up in defense with a 2-3 zone, but could hardly implement it because Colón ran the field and managed to damage the advantage. to the home team. But it was thanks to Gaskins that Olivol got closer in the game and even managed to pass after the American’s three-pointer (13-10). This caused Cabrera to ask for a minute, which he could achieve little in a quarter severely cut by leaks, where in a rather mixed game Olivol came out better off and finished the first 10 minutes up by three, 17-14.

Olivol had started well with Facundo Izarrualde attacking the bass to clear the free kick, but it quickly got complicated with an unsportsmanlike game by Gaskins on Bieniemy who took advantage of the free kicks and then Mac Mullen with two consecutive runs managed to get Colón to pass to the center in the blink of an eye. forehead. At times in very even situations the third referee took more prominence than usual, and that obfuscated both teams, who focused more on the protest than on the game. This meant that the game was closed until the end of the quarter, except for individuals in Colón who brought the points for their team that closed the first half 39-38, despite the fact that Gaskins had the last one and missed an incredible layup for the World Cup player.

The visiting team started better and it was reflected on the scoreboard. Bieniemy was the most prominent man and damaged several sectors of the attack, driving the World Cup defense crazy. In addition, Diego Álvarez lit up in defense, which allowed Jamal that ease, added to the strength of MaConico in the paint, which led the visiting team to open more than 10 rental points (60-44) with 4 remaining minutes for the closing of the third. In the end, everything happened, with both teams protesting a lot and closing with a free kick from Taboada who shot, missed and himself went to the rebound due to the refusal of the Colón players to fight. The score indicated that the visit entered the last quarter winning 67-53.

With that energy, Colón entered the last quarter and little by little began to close the game in his favor and if Olivol was missing something, it was the disqualification of Emilio Taboada for a double technical foul, who also when he retired was rebuked by a Colón fan and he reacted to the partial. Luckily Olivol players, security and Diego Álvarez prevented the situation from escalating. Regarding the game, Colon managed the difference between 15/20 points and never had the game at risk. The final result was 87 to 71 for Colón.

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