Chinese Men’s Basketball Team Misses Top 16 in Basketball World Cup After Losing to Puerto Rico

Original title: Chinese men’s basketball team lost to Puerto Rico and missed the top 16 of the Basketball World Cup

The Chinese men’s basketball team ushered in the last group match of the 2023 Basketball World Cup in Manila on the 30th. After a fierce battle, the Chinese men’s basketball team lost to the Puerto Rico team 89:107 and ranked at the bottom of Group B with a record of three games. , Entering the 17-32 qualifying round starting on the 31st.

On August 30, Chinese team players after the game.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhuang

In this game, the Chinese team’s back line fully recovered. Zhao Rui scored the team’s highest 16 points, Zhao Jiwei and Hu Mingxuan scored 14 and 12 points respectively. However, facing an opponent whose overall height is not high, the Chinese team fell behind 30:42 in rebounds and was robbed by the opponent for 16 points in the second attack.

Hu Mingxuan said after the game: “Everyone’s fighting spirit and energy on both ends of the offense and defense were very strong in today’s game. There were some details on the defensive end that were not done well. It’s a pity that we couldn’t win.”

On August 30, Chinese team player Zhou Peng (middle) made a layup during the game.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhuang

Before this game, the Chinese team lost to Serbia and South Sudan successively, while the Puerto Rico team had one win and one loss. In order to compete for the right to qualify for the group, both sides are extremely eager to win this game. The last time the two sides played against each other at the Basketball World Cup (World Championships) dates back to 13 years ago. In the 2010 Men’s Basketball World Championships, the Chinese men’s basketball team lost to their opponents by 8 points.

The game attracted a large number of Chinese fans to watch. From the warm-up of the Chinese team, there were voices cheering for the Chinese team in the auditorium. The Chinese team seemed to be at home.

The Chinese team adjusted the starting lineup for this game, and Hu Mingxuan started instead of Li Kaier. After the opening game, Zhao Rui used his height and physical advantages to attack the opponent’s defense one after another, and opened up the situation for the Chinese team through free throws. However, the Puerto Rico team played steadily and opened the point difference to 10 points through continuous outside attacks. At the end of the second quarter, the Chinese team’s offense suddenly misfired, and the Puerto Rico team opened the score again. In the first half, the Chinese team trailed their opponents by 15 points.

On August 30, Chinese team player Zhao Jiwei (left) shot during the game.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhuang

After the opening of the second half, the Chinese men’s basketball team regained its strength and once narrowed the point difference to less than 10 points. The fourth quarter entered the decisive stage. The Chinese team’s offense was blocked one after another, while the Puerto Rico team showed the qualities of a traditional strong team, continuously scoring points through the linkage of inside and outside lines. In the end, the Puerto Rico team won the game with an advantage of 18 points.

Puerto Rico guard Waters scored a game-high 22 points and sent out 6 assists. The insider Romero scored a “double-double” with 18 points and 10 rebounds.

The head coach of the Chinese team, Djordjevic, said after the game: “The opponent played very smartly and made full use of our mistakes. Now we must calm down. Tomorrow is a brand new game. The offense is more satisfying, but on the defensive end we have to be smarter.”

On the 31st, the Chinese team will face Angola, the third place in Group A, in qualifying. (Lin Deren, Cao Yibo, Yang Yunqi)

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