Carolina Marín Makes Semifinals at World Championship After Impressive Victory


The woman from Huelva goes to the semifinals after beating the Taiwanese Tai Tzu Ying, fourth in the world ranking, in two sets

This Saturday he will face off against the Japanese Akane Yamaguchi, second in the world and a very hard nut to crack

Carolina Marín is already in the semifinals of the World Championship

Carolina Marín can hesitate in minor tournaments. But when the moment of truth arrives, when she faces a major tournament, be it the World Cup, the European Championship or the Olympic Games, she does not usually fail and she shows the best face of her. Despite the setbacks of serious injuries in recent years, the player from Huelva is close to her level of yesteryear and in Copenhagen and Denmark, a talismanic country for her, she has already secured the medal in the World Championship.

Fernando Rivas’ pupil is already in the semifinals after beating this Friday afternoon in two sets, by 21-16 and 21-14 in 50 minutes of play, to the Taiwanese Tai Tzu Ying, fourth player in the world ranking (the Huelva player is currently the sixth in this classification that does not understand emotional levels).

Whatever happens this Saturday, Carolina Marín has already secured her fourth medal in a World Cup. The Japanese Akane Yamaguchi will be measured around 2:00 p.m., old acquaintance, current number two in the ranking and current two-time champion of the event after her triumphs in Tokyo and Huelva.

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2023-08-25 19:15:15
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