can he go and train the Saudi Arabian national team? –

can he go and train the Saudi Arabian national team? –

by Alessandro Bocci and Paolo Tomaselli

The Football Federation taken on the counterattack: Mancini had appeared worried, but had not expressed his intention to resign. Saudi Arabia’s offer could be behind it

A Pec, which arrived very late on Saturday evening in the offices of the Football Federation, sanctioned the sensational divorce: Roberto Mancini is no longer the coach of the national team. Between September and November, in six matches, the qualifiers for the 2024 European Championship were to be played, but with the president Gravina had spoken of programs up to the 2026 American World Cup and agreed on a drastic renewal of the staff for this second phase of the blue journey.

Mancini had been satisfied: he wanted the promotion of Bollini, who had been promoted to his deputy, the entry into the working group of the former defender Barzagli and the return of the match analyst Gagliardi. Nothing would have predicted something so sharp, cutting.

Mancini’s resignation: why

The Football Federation was caught off guard

. Gravina in recent days, speaking with friends and family of Mancini, had understood that something was wrong. Roberto, they said, nervous and worried. So the president had contacted him and heard. Mancio had confirmed the difficulties, but had not expressed his intention to resign. And yet he did. Suddenly, before the long mid-August bridge and less than a week before the pre-calls for the decisive matches in September, on the 9th in Skopje against Macedonia and on the 12th in Milan against Ukraine. Two games to win to readjust the group standings and put the road downhill towards the European Championship in Germany which we must defend in the best possible way.

Mancini towards the Saudi Arabia national team?

The Football Federation is trying to understand if behind the discomfort of the now ex coach there is an indispensable offer: the rumors speak of the possibility that he will go to train the Saudi Arabian national team. Or who knows if the failure to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar and the difficulties to restart have marked the man after five intense years.

Mancini’s replacement

Meanwhile, the Football Federation has numbered days to decide the future. Taking into account the important commitments that await us, we will communicate the name of the new coach in the next few days. Time is running out. The names, at least the first, are those of Luciano Spalletti and Antonio Conte. Gravina is reflecting together with her closest collaborators.

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