Brizuela: “I don’t know if we are going to replicate the happiness in Malaga”

A special and emotional day at the Martín Carpena to say goodbye to one of the great Unicaja logos of recent years: Dario Brizuela and his 173 matches as green and purple. Anthony Jesus Lopez Grandson, Juanma Rodriguez, Ibon Navarrorepresentatives of the squad and the coaching staff, his family or even the former president edward garciathe former sports director Manolo Rubia and the former captain carlos suarez They were present this Wednesday at the farewell ceremony for the man who is already a Barça player.

“It speaks of the human quality of the person to whom we are going to say see you later. Sport has its ways. You don’t have to dramatize, but rather naturalize the situation. When an economically superior team makes an offer, you have to tell him ‘thank you for what you gave me, enjoy and succeed in the future’. This is what I expect to happen except when he plays against us. With him we have lived good and less good moments. From Unicaja I had the pleasure of taking his son’s shirt and card. Thank you, Dario, for what you have given us, the doors of the club will always be open“, were the words with which the president said goodbye.

Image of Darío Brizuela’s farewell. UNICAJAB/FOTOPRESS

Brizuela leaves for another club, but he only has words of gratitude for what Los Guindos and the city have given him, with a very special memory. “I have tried to give my best, with good and bad results. The best memory I have, apart from sports, is my son. My son will know that he is from Malaga. I will always remember these years. Malaga has helped us has helped us to be better people. I take friends with me for life. I just wanted to say thank you.”

A decision that, as he himself explained, “emotionally it has been more difficult than rationally“. “Sportingly, it has been easy because it is a step that every basketball player wants to take.” However, there is one issue that is very clear to him: “It was a long decision because the community and Happiness in Malaga I don’t know if we are going to replicate it. It wasn’t easy talking to Alberto either.. Separating yourself from your ties is complicated. To this day it still costs me a little emotionally, “she explained.

Darío Brizuela and Alberto Díaz, teammates now in the Spanish team. UNICAJAB/FOTOPRESS

An example of that is the presence of all his colleagues who are already in Malaga. What will his departure mean in the dressing room? “The team stays here, I was just a piece of the block. The coach continues, they have changed me for a level piece -Kameron Taylor-. They aspire to win the Basketball Champions League, the Copa del Rey that will be here… nothing is going to change at all“. And on his return to the Palace? “I imagine that there will be applause, but in the game there will not be many. I know the people of Málaga, they don’t even give away a basket.”

A new challenge in the Euroleague

“As happy as I am in Málaga, I have been given a very big challenge and it is another step in my career. It is a very important club in Spain and it is very difficult to say no.” A very important objective as it is the Euroleague that he would have “lovely played with this club”. Now, he thanks Unicaja “for making it so easy” when negotiating.

However, now he is left with everything he lived in Malaga. “In bad times you see how real people are. The moments of tension when we were bad… are very good memories. I am left with the feeling that I have tried to leave here with my colleagues that we all have to enjoy and work the days. beyond the Cup, which will remain in the photosthe memory that remains of people is the day to day“. A path that, now, ends for Darío Brizuela as a Unicaja player.

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