A new video of the sequence prior to Rubiales’s kiss with Jenni Hermoso comes to light

The controversy is served. It has been in use since the day the players of the Spanish Women’s Soccer Team made history and were crowned world champions. An unusual event, a feat that was marred by the kiss without permission from Rubiales to Jenni Hermoso. What came next was already an accumulation of nonsense. Rubiales’ non-resignation further ignited the flame of controversy. And above all they made her statements during the assembly. Now a new video of the kiss sequence from another perspective has come to light.

Last Friday Luis Rubiales repeated several times four words that continue to stick today. “I’m not going to resign.” About the kiss, the one from Motril indicated that he had been “spontaneous, mutual and euphoric. And, above all, consented “, something that the athlete denied shortly after in an official statement.

In addition, Rubiales, in his explanation about the kiss to Jenni Hermoso, justified himself by saying, among other things, that the player had lifted him -before the kiss- as a celebration of the victory before. “She lifted me off the ground by grabbing my hips,” he said specifically.

After Rubiales’ announcement, the player issued a statement in which she assured that none of this was true: “I did not seek to raise the president”; «I feel obliged to denounce that the words of Mr. Luis Rubiales explaining the unfortunate incident are categorically false. I felt vulnerable and the victim of an attack,” said Hermoso, who added that “as seen in the images, at no time did I consent to the kiss he gave me and, of course, I sought to raise the president.”

The Federation then released a series of images with which it wanted to show that Rubiales “does not lie.” Now a new video of the kiss sequence has come to light that can shed light on the alleged ‘uprising’ preceding the non-consensual kiss.

2023-08-29 06:20:31
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