500,000 euros for the end of the transfer market

The club’s position remains the same as Loren conveyed days ago in the press room: It may be possible to close both operations, just one, or things stay as they are and there are no more reinforcements. The blue and white leaders do not rule out any of these three possibilities. Of course, they are clear about the money that is available for the squad and from there they will not move, unless the Ivan Jaime -2 million income- and it is very clear that it is necessary to make a greater effort in the face of an irrefutable option that arises.

According to Málaga CF’s accounts for this next course, plans to spend about 2.6 million euros on the first teams, assuming that you use those 500,000 euros available, either in these last two market days or throughout the course.

winger and striker

At the club they continue to transmit optimism with the arrival of Franchu, the preferred option to strengthen the winger. The Argentine is the bet of Loren Juarros, sports director, to improve that position and all efforts have been focused on achieving it. For now there is no white smoke, although he is confident of closing his signing.

José María Muñoz, judicial administrator, with Kike Pérez, general manager of Málaga CF. ÁLEX ZEA

The other movement that can be expected is the arrival of a striker, but here the issue is more complicated. The blue and white entity is “positioned” in different options and It will be the madness of the last hours of the market that will determine whether the arrival of any of the battering rams on the table can finally be confirmed.

Free players market

The market will not end for Málaga CF this Friday, September 1 at 11:59 p.m. If there is money left in the box, the club will be attentive to a reduced market of free players in case they see any good opportunity to reinforce the squad. Once the market is closed, only players who are free before this Friday at midnight can be signed.

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