49er, 49er FX, 470 and Nacra 17

Big day for Spain in the Olympic Class World Championship with four country places confirmed for Paris 2024. Full of the possibilities of the day with stamped passport for 49er, 49er FX, 470 and Nacra 17. In addition, 49er, 49er FX and 470 they will have Spaniards in the Medal Races.

The late arrival of the wind made the crews on the ground suffer today, with postponements of more than three hours until the first start horn could be given, with the current again as the determining condition.

49er has been the first class to finish today’s tests and the first to confirm the Spanish country place for the Paris 2024 Games. Diego Botín and Florian Trittel have started the day with a fourth place that kept them second overall with possibility of stepping on the first step of the podium, but an offline in the second round put those hopes to the fore. The Cantabrian-Catalan duo continued to fight to defend their position and closed the second day of the general classification. The score of the Germans, more than twenty points behind the Spanish, already confirms them as world gold medal winners, with silver within reach of the Spanish.

Upon reaching land, Diego Botín commented: «Today we have started with all the options open, we have had a very nice fight in the first two tests and we have managed to be ahead. But at the end of the second we realized that we were out of line and the Dutch nailed the day by winning the championship. We have lost to a team that has sailed better and now all the focus is on getting a medal”.

Florian Trittel added: «The country is classified, which was the first objective of being here in The Hague. But we want to go home with a good taste in our mouths and there are silver and bronze options.

With the second class finishing the tests of the day, 49er FX, came the second country place for Spain in the Olympic Games and the entry of Támara Echegoyen and Paula Barceló in the Medal Race. The Galician-Balearic crew has signed a 13-6-23 that places them in tenth place overall. Also here, the Swedish Vilma Bobeck and Rebecca Netzler already have the world gold in their hands.

The Nacra 17 was the third class that added a country place for Spain, with Tara Pacheco and Andrés Barrio finally classified in 11th place. The Canarian crew will not be in the Medal Race but they have achieved the main thing in this championship: the country classification for Paris 2024.

The 470 closed the full class with the possibility of a place in the country when the Catalan crew of Jordi Xammar and Nora Brugman qualified in second place for the Medal Race after a spectacular comeback from seventh place. The Catalan Silvia Mas and the Galician Nico Rodríguez, who were fourth yesterday, fell to eleventh position, just two points from the Top10. With the Japanese Okada and Yoshioka mathematically proclaimed world champions, the silver medal possibilities remain open for Xammar and Brugman.

The metal options for Spain in the 470 Mixed will be decided tomorrow in the class Medal Race. 49er and 49er FX, with a rest tomorrow, will have to wait until Friday to decide their respective podiums. The rest of the classes, with several options still for country classification for Spain and finals between Saturday and Sunday, had not yet closed their classifications for the day when closing these lines.

Despite not having been included in the Paris 2024 program, the sail continues to fight internationally to recover its position. It was an exhibition sport in Atlanta 1996 and an Olympic modality from Sydney 2000 to Rio 2016. With participation in this World Championship, the Spanish representation has been carried out by Pau Homar and Ramón Gutiérrez in RS Venture, Violeta del Reino in Hansa 303 Femenino and Sergio Roig in Hansa 303 Male. For them today was the last day of the championship and the Balearic Islands closed their participation with fourth place for Homar and Gutiérrez, fifth for Violeta del Reino, and eighth for Sergio Roig.


49er Top10 Medal Race (83 participantes)

1.- NED Lambriex/van de Werken – 45 pts

2.- ESP Botín/Trittel – 71.8 pts

3.- SUI Schneiter/de Planta – 76 pts

4.- GBR Peters/Sterritt – 88 pts

5.- NZL McHardie/McKenzie – 90 pts

6.- USA Mollerus/Macdiarmid – 91 pts

7.- CRO Fantela/Fantela – 99 pts

8.- POL Buksak/Wierzbicki – 104 pts

9.- POL Przybytek/Plasecki – 105 pts

10.- USA Barrows/Henken – 108 pts

49er FX Top10 Medal Race (55 participantes)

1.- SWE Bobeck/Netzler – 48 pts

2.- NED van Aanholt/Duetz – 84 pts

3rd- AUS Price/Haseldine – 88pts

4.- BEL Maenhaut/Geurts – 99 pts

5.- GBR Black/Tidey – 101 pts

6. – NZL Aleh/Meech – 106 pts

7.- USA Roble/Shea – 108 pts

8.- NOR Dahl Andersen/Edland – 109 pts

9.- ESP Echegoyen/Barceló – 118 pts

10.- DEN Schmidt/Schmidt – 125 pts

470 Top10 Medal Race (64 participantes)

1.- JPN Okada/Yoshioka – 39 pts

2.- ESP Xammar/Brugman – 77 pts

3.- GER Shop/Store – 80 pts

4.- AUT Vadlau/Maehr – 80 pts

5.- GER Diesch/Markfort – 83 pts

6.- JPN Isozaki//Seki – 84 pts

7.- SWE Dahlberg/Karlsson – 91

8.- BY Costa/Joao – 95 pts

9.- ISR Hasson/Lasry – 95 pts

10.- GER Wanser/Autenrieth – 96 pts


11.- ESP Mas/Rodríguez – 98 pts

Nacra 17 Top10 Medal Race (49 participants)

1.- ITA Tita/Banti 29 pts

2.- GBR Gimson/Burnet – 45 pts

3.- SWE Jarudd/Jonsson – 62 pts

4.- NED van der Meer/Bouwer – 63 pts

5.- ITA Bissaro/Frascari – 66 pts

6.- ITA Ugolini/Jubilee – 67 pts

7.- ARG Majdalani/Bosco – 73 pts

8.- NZL Wilkinson/Dawson – 77 pts

9.- GER Kohlhoff/Stuhlemmer – 79 pts

10.- FIN Kurtbay/Keskinen – 81 pts


11.- ESP Pacheco/Barrio – 108 pts

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