2K Sports Introduces Revolutionary ProPlay Technology for NBA 2K24

Video Games – For its Next Gen consoles, 2K Sports has used for the first time this new way of directly translating the movements of real NBA games into the gameplay of NBA 2K24.

Each season has its share of new features from NBA 2K, which this time highlighted its new motion capture technology called ProPlay. Integrated into NBA 2K24, this method revolutionizes the usual way of doing things, called “MoCap”, when the movements were recorded using sensors placed on the whole body of each athlete, in the studio.

With ProPlay, developers can directly digitize player movements in real NBA games to compose all of their gameplay. The technology globally makes it possible to increase the reality and authenticity of each movement a little further. It’s also an opportunity to “model” many more players.

The whole panoply of shots of a Kevin Durant, with very special shooting mechanics, will thus be reproduced to perfection and more easily. Some moves can therefore only be performed by certain players.

The ProPlay was used in particular to review all the databases concerning jump shots, dunks, lay-ups, dribbles and passes, and finally all “signature” movements, offensive and defensive.

The only requirement to enjoy it: owning a Next Gen console like the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

2023-08-16 14:21:00
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