World Champions of 1990 Reunite for Glittering Celebration, With One Absentee

Nobody can split good friends …

Exactly 33 years after their triumph in Rome (1-0 against Argentina), the soccer world champions of 1990 celebrated a glittering reunion in the luxury hotel “Das Achental” in Grassau am Chiemsee (Bavaria).

Title party in Rome: assistant coach Osieck, team boss Beckenbauer, Augenthaler, Reuter, Klinsmann, Mill, Riedle and Buchwald (from left) after the 1-0 final victory against Argentina

Foto: picture-alliance/ dpa

The only drop of bitterness: Franz Beckenbauer (77), of all people, who was the team manager who outshone everything at the time, was missing.

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His wife Heidi said at the welcome: “Unfortunately, Franz cannot be there for health reasons. It would just be too much for him.”

19 of 22 world champions showed up in glorious weather. Only goalkeeper Bodo Illgner, Jürgen Kohler and Günter Hermann were missing.

Three world champions from 1974 were also there: Sepp Maier, Berti Vogts and Rainer Bonhof. Also: Philipp Lahm, World Cup captain from 2014 and OC chief of the European Championship next year in Germany. Vice-President Aki Watzke (BVB) paid his respects for the DFB.

World champions: team manager Franz Beckenbauer, captain Lothar Matthäus and goal scorer Andi Brehme

Foto: picture-alliance / dpa

They all celebrated an emotional class reunion for two days, organized by Heidi Beckenbauer and Susanne Schaefer, Andi Brehme’s partner.

And the Emperor was omnipresent. At the gala evening, moderated by Johannes B. Kerner, the world champions took to the stage and fervently sang the Beckenbauer hit “Gute Freund”. There were tears in the eyes of many.

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“Because they can do one thing in life – to be there for each other,” smashed the boys from Franz.

Captain Lothar Matthäus: “Franz Beckenbauer created this unique cohesion in this team. No one else. We have him to thank for everything!”

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