Top Players to Watch in the USA Basketball Team

Tyrese Haliburton – Base

Without a doubt, he is the purest “1” on the team. He is fast, dynamic, with vision and a great scoring success. This season he has become the only player in NBA history to average 20 points and more than 10 assists, with a 40% success rate from 3-pointers. On an offensive level, it goes for everything. The problem is his physique, in which he must work to increase his muscle mass.

Jalen Brunson – Base

The other pure base of the template. The non-inclusion of him in the past All Star generated a lot of controversy. He is the best “1” the Knicks have had in the last 10 years and has been seen in a season that has been spectacular for both parties. He is the shortest of the selection, 1.88.

Anthony Edwards – Escort

One of the big names in this selection, he is probably the purest scorer in the squad. He has only been in the league for 3 years, but in that time he has already been an All Star and a bright future as a star for the Minnesota Timberwolves augurs well for him.

Anthony Edwards. Jose Luis Villegas

Austin Reaves – Listen

From undrafted to rising star in the NBA in 2 seasons. It didn’t take Reaves long to win over Lakers fans. He works hard in all aspects and seems to make the right decision for the team most of the time. Great shooter at all levels and with a great sense of the game.

Mikal Bridges- Escort

He had never acted as the first sword in a project until he came to the Nets in the trade that brought Durant to Phoenix. He has emerged as a great scorer who is also prolific in defense. He can be considered the best outside defender on the team.

Mikal Bridges Jessie Alcheh LaPresse

Josh Hart – Alero

Since his arrival in the winter to the New York Knicks, the team has improved considerably. Hart is a multipurpose player, if you have to assist, he assists, if he has to dunk, he dunks… he is in charge of giving balance and balance. A name that goes under the radar, but that will be of great help to his teammates.

Brandon Ingram – Alero

The other great scorer of the squad. He doesn’t do much in the triple, but in the zone he becomes an almost unstoppable player. He is often compared a lot to Kevin Durant because of his physique and playing style. The Pelicans’ most dangerous player when Zion isn’t healthy.

Cam Johnson- Alero

Tall forward, he doesn’t stand out especially for his physique, but for his way of understanding the game, with the addition that he is a great triple shooter. Throughout his career he has been a luxury secondary actor, until he arrived at the Nets in winter.

Paolo Banchero – Ala Pivot

Rookie of the Year. He appeared on the list as a big surprise, it was thought that he was going to play with Italy, but he ended up deciding on the USA. Big, fast, strong, technical… he is in exceptional physical condition. He represents a threat on all levels.

Years Jackson Jr – Ala Pivot

Named Defender of the Year this past season, Jaren represents a danger, not only because of his great defense, but also because of his movements in the paint and his ability to shoot three-pointers. One of the best that Steve Kerr has.

Years Jackson Jr. Spartans Wire

Bobby Portis – Power Forward

Substitute of great relevance in the Bucks of Antetokounmpo. He makes good use of the actions of his teammates to generate danger, either because of his rebounding ability, or because of his great success in the triple (37%). Be very careful with him in the paint and on the outside line.

Walker Kessler-Pivot

A very Rudy Gobert-style player. The funny thing is that the Jazz have performed better in defense with the youngster than with the Frenchman. He stands out for his ability to block and rebound. It’s literally like having a tower in front of you: The tallest player on the list (2.16m).

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