The “threat” of departure of Ramírez from Sporting: peace before traveling to Mexico

“Today’s game tells us where we are.” He Miguel Angel Ramirez The most critical was seen after the dispute of the last day of last season, the 1-4 of Ponferradina, in El Molinón. So, he spoke openly about the need for a revolution in the squad, about his confidence in transforming the team despite criticism and poor results. Also of the difficulty of carrying out that necessary revolution at Sporting in a single market, the current one, the summer one. Ahead were days of planning, conversations and setting goals. It was then that he got fully involved in the planning, also when the first tensions arose.

Go ahead, Sporting has always tried to protect Miguel Ángel Ramírez, in the same way that the coach has defended Orlegi’s management formula at the club from the beginning, to which he tried to add contacts and practices developed in other teams. They both paid a public toll for it, regardless of the consequences. The couple gave the image of a perfect marriage, until yesterday.

david guerra, executive president, sent two forceful messages when he acknowledged that, indeed, Barcelona de Guayaquil wanted his coach. The first, that he found out from the coach himself, when he went to ask him at the end of training “after seeing all the commotion there is.” The second, that what prevails at Sporting is people who have “zero doubts in the project” and “is one hundred percent committed.” And whoever wants to understand, let him understand.

Guerra’s words, no matter how much smile they included, have been the first public warning to the coach and seem aimed at not repeating what he experienced with Abelardo. That is to say, that at first everything seemed in harmony and then, the doubts of whether or not to aspire to the play-off eroded the rest (to summarize it quickly). It’s been a hot summer. In the first days of June, the Sporting board of directors and Miguel Ángel Ramírez shared their differences regarding their particular way of approaching the new season. Orlegi put on the table the need to create a team that would fight to be in the top six, that would not repeat the image and results of the previous year. Miguel Ángel Ramírez also raised his sporting needs, which he saw as essential to really aspire to create a group that would fight for the play-off. Something happened in that conversation that arose an important friction.

Cali, a player with the Orlegi label, was forced to seek destiny and when signing, the “trident” formed between War, Gerardo Garcia and Miguel Ángel himself worked to sign Yáñez. He back to normal and the canary, full on his return to Mareo. Behind the scenes, he made it clear to the players the role that each of them had in an intense first talk, in which he included “those who don’t count and don’t want to leave.” He was also clear in the office: the rates of entry and exit of players are not what he would have liked. And one day before starting the tour in Mexico, Ecuador, where he feels most valued and respected, with a great deal. Evening talk and confidence in the project, Sporting and Ramírez, together heading to the Caribbean.

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