The summer holidays of the kings and princesses begin in Mallorca

He King Felipe VI He is already on vacation and will return to Madrid at the latest on August 17, the day of the Constitution of the new courts to immediately start the round with the political leaders before commissioning one of them to try to form a government It is not an easy decision, but at the moment the king is enjoying sailing in the bay of Palma.

Felipe VI has boarded again this Saturday at Aifos to take the helm of the Navy sailboat in the second training session prior to the 41st Copa del Rey Mapfre sailing, which begins this Monday in the waters of the Bay of Palma.

Felipe VI boards the Aifos again as a training session before the Sailing Cup

From the Marivent Palace, the king has arrived at the wheel of his car at the nearby Porto Pi naval base, where the skipper of the Aifos, Admiral Jaime Rodríguez Toubes. Dressed in sports equipment and red sneakers and with his backpack on his back, the monarch first went to one of the buildings on the pier, where he chatted with some of the crew members for half an hour.

Subsequently, he went up on deck and after 12:30 p.m., once the preparations were finished, the Aifos set sail with Don Felipe at the helm to head for the mouth of the base heading for the high seas.

With the aim of achieving his first title of the Copa del Reythe Head of State will compete starting Monday with the Navy ship in the Majorica ORC1 category, where there are fourteen other vessels from six countries registered.

Felipe VI arrived in Palma last Wednesday afternoon to begin his summer holidays in Marivent. With today’s, there are three sailing days in which he has taken part, although on Thursday he did it aboard a recreational sailboat


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