The skipper of the ‘Sotera’ apologizes for the fight with one of his rowers

Tuesday, July 25, 2023, 00:48


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Cristian Garma, skipper of Saturtzi’s ‘Sotera’, yesterday apologized publicly after the fight he had on Sunday aboard the trawler with his partner Alberto Landa at the end of the CaixaBank regatta held in the waters of Castro and scoring for the Euskolabel League. In a video released by Itsasoko Ama on her social networks, Garma apologizes for the incident. «In the first place to my partner Alberto Landa, who has been the most harmed, second to the Itsasoko Ama rowing club, to the coaching staff, to the fans, to the members, to the ATC», To conclude, the skipper insists on «ask you a thousand pardons». “Wow ‘Sotera’ and we’re going to move forward,” he concludes.

In the incident, which could be seen on the television broadcast, the helmsman, after an exchange of words with Landa -three from port and both from Castro-, approached the oarsman’s toast -apparently they had already had differences over how they had managed the final heads-up with Lekittarra for second place in the first round- and both grabbed each other’s necks and shook themselves to the astonishment of their companions who quickly separated them.

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