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“The Haunted Mansion” reopens its doors to receive a new group of adventurers who embark on a journey to find the spirit responsible for the enchantments that haunt the property.

With an ensemble cast including Rosario Dawson, Danny Devito, Owen Wilson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tiffany Haddish, Lakeith Stanfield and Jared Leto, director Justin Simien tells a new story that addresses themes of grief and family ties.

It all begins when “Ben” (Lakeith) arrives at the house after being called to help photograph the ghosts, with a camera he designed to capture ghosts in an image. Although he can’t find anything at first, the situation gets complicated when one of the spirits follows him to his house.

Annoyed, he returns to the mansion to find out what is the origin of the evils that stalk them, and thus free all the souls that were forever trapped within its walls.

This is the second film adaptation of this project, and like the first -launched in 2003, and starring Eddie Murphy-, it is based on one of the Disneyland attractions.

The “Haunted Mansion” opened in 1969, as part of the New Orleans Square area of ​​Disneyland in Anaheim, California. From the first moment, it became an absolute favorite of the visitors, thanks to its combination of terrifying and comedy moments.

It is the only one present in four of the Disneyland parks: Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris, with stylistic variations on the exterior of the façade.

“Katie Dippold’s beautiful script takes us outside of the mansion’s story. She created characters that have their own history of hers, that fit perfectly with what we think attraction really is. They are like us when we go to the attraction for the first time”, says the director in an interview made by the production.

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The filmmaker said he was a fan of this place since he was a child, and for this reason he was anxious to make an adaptation as faithful as possible. That is why he included the presence of the “ghost in the hat”, the portrait gallery, the ballroom and “Madame Leota” (Curtis), whose character also appeared in the first version.

“There are wonderful stories and a lot of inspiration there, and adapting for the screen such a beloved and iconic reference as the “Haunted Mansion”. It is an opportunity to build on his legacy, ”he commented on it.

“The Haunted Mansion” is now available in movie theaters, it is suitable for teenagers and adults.

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