Syrian Athletes Shine with Gold Medals in Weightlifting, Wrestling, Boxing, and Gymnastics

Of the total number of medals, 14 gold medals were obtained in weightlifting, wrestling, boxing and gymnastics. The performance of weightlifter Maen Asaad stood out, who was crowned with gold in the snatch and clean and jerk categories.

In the wrestling discipline, Yanal Barazi won the gold medal in the 86 kg category, while Laith Najjar obtained the title in floor exercises, in artistic gymnastics, and Alexandra Maximova achieved first place in the individual gymnastics women’s category.

In swimming, Joana Rais was awarded gold in the 400-meter freestyle.

Likewise, the athletes of this Levantine nation reached 14 silver and 23 bronze medals in cycling, badminton, swimming, judo, boxing, basketball and wrestling.

With these results, Syria ranked sixth among the 21 Arab countries participating in these 11-day games that conclude today.


2023-07-15 19:04:26
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