Spain’s U17 Men Face Tough Competition in U18 Category Tournament on Portuguese Soil

The training World Cups every two years leave a few summers free of official competition for a generation. In this case, the Men’s U17 has competed on Portuguese soil in a U18 category tournament to continue to see the evolution of the players.

It was not about achieving good results, but about not losing contact and competition with the generation of 2006, who will play in the U18 European Championship and the U19 World Cup in the coming years. In the town of Vila Nova de Famalicao he played three games against Portugal, Poland and Romania, all of them from a previous generation.

In the match against Portugal on Friday, David Soria’s men couldn’t stand the physical level of their rivals and, furthermore, they weren’t successful in shooting three points. In the end a bulky 68-41 for the Portuguese that served for the next matches.

On Saturday it was Poland’s turn and only a poor third quarter prevented Spain from fighting for victory. 64-73 and, again, no player above ten points. And on Sunday Spain couldn’t beat Romania either (88-70) with a great game by Pedro Robles (23 points) helped by Amadeo Vera (12).

Portugal – Spain 68-41 Statistics
Poland – Spain 73-64 Statistics
Romania – Spain 70-88 Statistics

2023-07-09 11:43:00
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