Shijiazhuang Hosts First National Youth Mini Baseball Championship U8 Group Competition

[The 2023 First National Youth Mini Baseball Championship U8 Group Competition Starts in Shijiazhuang]The opening ceremony of the 2023 First National Youth Mini Baseball Championship U8 Group Competition was held on July 23 at Hebei Baxiong Baseball Club. Chen Xu, Chairman of the Chinese Baseball Association, Shi Runmin, Director of the Sports Training Department of Hebei Sports Institute, Wang Bin, Deputy Director of the Ideological and Political Department of Hebei Sports Institute, Zhao Quanyong, Chairman of Shijiazhuang Baseball Association, Liu Zhigang, Chairman of the Competition Technical Committee, Zhang Jianxiong, former head coach of Tsinghua University Baseball Team, official of Asian Baseball Federation, Lin Zhongjie, official of wbsc Mini baseball Asia, and Liu Chao, vice president of Shijiazhuang Baseball Association, attended the opening ceremony.

Nine teams participated in this mini-tournament, including Beijing Jianxiong Baseball Club, Cangzhou Shengshi Baseball Team, Shijiazhuang Fanxi Road Primary School, Hebei Normal University Affiliated Primary School, Blue Socks International Baseball Academy, Qingdao Ruian Xingrui, Xiamen Educational Science Research Institute Affiliated Primary School, Shenzhen Aviation Magnesium Lightning Eagle, and Shijiazhuang Dongmalu Primary School. The competition lasted for five days.

This competition is the first time for Shijiazhuang to host a national youth mini baseball championship. It is not only a test of the trust in Shijiazhuang but also a test of the Shijiazhuang Baseball Association. The Shijiazhuang competition area will also try its best to provide all-round, thoughtful and enthusiastic services, and make due contributions to the popularization and improvement of youth baseball and the vigorous and healthy development of baseball.

Correspondent: Liu Chenxiao

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2023-07-24 15:39:32
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