River Plate’s Last-Minute Drama: A Night of Emotion and Goals

It’s the last ball a night full of emotions. And goals, of course. At the feet of Luciano Ferreyra was the triumph scoundrel; Also, the tie. And if in football you win (and also lose) by details, how much did the decision made by the midfielder have to do with it? He could speculate, hold the ball or face Ezequiel Centurion’s goal. The 21-year-old youth chose to risk. And he was wrong. On the next play, Enzo Díaz sent in a sharp cross and Pablo Solari attacked from behind everyone to nail the tie. River was on the brink of knockout three times. Rosario Central could not turn it around, which was the only team in the tournament to finish undefeated at home anyway.

Miguel Angel Russo and his players got angry with the referee, Yael Falcón Pérez, who added one more minute to the six he had given in the first instance. The reality is that he could not support the result due to a conceptual error. Just when the veteran coach was licking his lips with that victory that was taking place from his changes, River matched him. Because of Solari’s hierarchy, fundamentally.

And since the championship was defined in advance, Martín Demichelis will have to leave the result in the background and analyze the performance of his replacement. The feeling is that there is a great distance between the starters and the substitutes. With a few exceptions, the case of Solari, who lost his position but turned out to be a key piece on the banks of the Paraná. With greater influence on the right, where he started and finished the second half, than on the left, the sector in which he began to play the duel with Rosario.

Demichelis surprised with the formation. It is true that River had just played an intense match against Talleres and was still bubbly from winning the Professional League against Estudiantes. However, the coach decided to change the entire team. With so little working time, even though the faces are known, foreseeing a good operation was a coin in the air. And the scheme that he chose at the beginning, a 4-1-4-1 with Matías Kranevitter as the axis of balance and Salomón Rondón in the role of attack reference, was not successful.

The best of the red band team was seen on the sides and in the first section of the game. With Marcelo Herrera and Elías Gómez deep, he prowled but did not arrive well trodden on Jorge Broun’s area.

And Rosario Central, who appealed to the classic 4-3-1-2 that Russo preaches, created very clear situations. He left possession in the hands of River (65% in the first half), cut and counterattacked. With the speed of Lautaro Giaccone on the right and Jamilton Campaz on the left. The Colombian, with a great start, fast and unbalancing, is lethal when he attacks space. And if Ignacio Malcorra had been more precise, the goal would have come a while earlier.

However, needed an unforced error from Salomón Rondón that the ball bounced back badly. Malcorra assisted Campaz who stung into the void and from the overflow and center behind came the onslaught of Alejo Véliz, who did not forgive Ezequiel Centurión.

River sought to reinsert itself in the game. However, they had chiaroscuro their steering wheels. Neither Agustín Palavecino nor José Paradela managed to put together a good circuit. Neither did Santiago Simón. The best, once again, came from outside, this time with Solari, who activated. On the right, to put in a pass that did not end in a goal by Rondón due to a notable intervention by Broun. On the left, to shake down. Again the goalkeeper won scoundrel won heads-up.

Central Rosary did not need so many passes to worry Centurion. Directly, bluntly, he almost scored the second with a cross from Alan Rodríguez that Véliz headed off the crossbar.

In the second half, with Solari on the other lane, River quickly found the goal. And finally their flyers lit up. Paradela and Palavecino combined with the “36” who assisted Rondón. The Venezuelan, this time, did not fail.

But the red band team fell asleep. And from a winger that Campaz executed quickly, came Malcorra’s low cross and Véliz’s definition. The same three protagonists of the first goal.

Once again, River recovered quickly. Enzo Díaz and Claudio Echeverri entered. And the Little Devil dribbled forward. The play got dirty, but Solari took a right hand that left Broun without a chance.

Russo bet on Gino Infantino and Ferreyra. And the two met in the third cry that had an extraordinary cue from one and a remarkable definition from the other.

Until that crazy ending. With discussions, some controversy and the music of Solari to save the honor of the champion.

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