Real Madrid as a culé measure of all things – The penultimate Raulista alive

The philosopher Josefa Ros is a specialist in the study of boredom, a feeling that, according to her, is found neither more nor less than behind the evolution of humanity. Makes sense. Mrs. Ros says yes boredom does not cause annoyance, it does not fulfill its function of introducing a change, we were not able to explore the horizon: “Human beings are no less bored today than before, but they can learn to be bored better”. Well, dear Josefa, who is called like a cousin of mine, I get even worse, what do you want me to tell you, it must be a matter of age. Before I was bored although deep down I was amused, entertained, that historical complex of inferiority of Barcelona with respect to Real Madrid, that eagerness to always compare himself with the fourteen-time European champion, but today it made me sick, it withered me inside. From entertainment I have gone to indifference and from there to weariness, from weariness I went to anger, to annoyance and, from there, I admit that I have gone to bad boredom, to that kind of boredom that does not seek change, much less explore the horizon as you explain in your studies, that is, a boring bore. If I were a culé I would be outraged, for example, if the president of my club said that my team is better than Real Madrid. Why Madrid? I do not understand. Real Madrid as a culé measure of all things? A big team using another… bigger team as an example? Yes, bigger, that’s it.

The other way around doesn’t happen. I don’t see the president of Real Madrid talking about Barça. I can’t imagine Bellingham, for example, saying that “we have a better team than Barcelona”. Holy of what? Well, Laporta said it the other day and today Iñigo Martínez has repeated it again: “We are better than Madrid”. Well of course you are, you are because the best is the one who wins and Barcelona is the current league champion, so, until proven otherwise, of course Barcelona is better than Real Madrid. Or not? What do you think? It is as if Laporta did not sign so many players to win the League again or to be competitive in the Champions League, but to show from the outside that it is better than Real Madrid. It is as if beating Real Madrid would already constitute a title for Barcelona Football Club, something to celebrate in Canaletas. In other words, and in short, it is as if Barcelona fans had a constant need to reaffirm themselves, to grease their egos because, deep down, they knew that no, that Barça is not better but worse and that, whatever they do, Sign what you sign and win what you win, it will continue to be worse than the best, which will continue to be the same, that is, Real Madrid, which does not say anything.

Today I saw a story on Instagram that brings up precisely this: “When you know your place, you don’t show off.” Indeed. Real Madrid does not need to boast because they know their place while Barcelona need to constantly compare themselves with Real Madrid in order to survive. Eddy Merckx didn’t have to spend all day saying that he was the best, he knew it. I have never heard Rafa Nadal say that he is the best, Nadal knew it. As Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or Ayrton Senna knew. The best always know these things, the best always know that they are, they know that they are the best. And do you know why the rest of us know it too, regardless of the titles? We know because they never say it, they’re not constantly reminding you, beating you up. There should be nothing sadder in life than knowing yourself worse than someone else in something, than feeling worse than someone else. In addition to insecurity, it denotes fear and hides a great latent inferiority complex. And to me, what do you want me to tell you, and unless Professor Ros has a better opinion, I’m bored to death. A bad bore, I admit. A boring boredom, if I may use the expression. A deep boredom. It’s called laziness.

2023-07-13 17:18:32
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