Rahm’s anger at the British Open: “Someone put a microphone up my ass”

Rahm’s anger at the British Open: “Someone put a microphone up my ass”

Friday, July 21, 2023, 01:42


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“Full of fucking cameras everywhere.” Those were the words of Jon Rahm at the end of his first round at the British Golf Open that is taking place at Royal Liverpool at his entrance to Casa Club.

The one from Barrika ended up very angry with the reaction of the television cameras and journalists present during his tour with Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose. This is how Relevo has collected it

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A few seconds later, he decided to appear before the accredited Spanish press and again insisted on his anger: «I am trying to walk on the street and I have 25 people in between. They do not move away, it seems that I do not exist, “said the Basque, who indicated how complicated he was until he left the field:” Leaving at 18, someone with a microphone attached to me, as if I did not exist because they were recording others.

In questions with the British press, he specified that “I had a microphone in my ass, while they were watching Rory.”

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