Opinion on the situation of Miguel Ángel Ramírez at Sporting: MAR and the gift of opportunity

They chew on the billiards, which Sabina sang, that MAR has a fly behind its ear due to the slow pace with which the reconstruction of the squad is being carried out and that the club is having a hard time bringing in players since it is running short of tickets from Monopoly. Already in the last appearances of MAR last season his speech weakened a bit when it came to going to death with orlegianism.

And now this comes, unusual when it comes to coaches, our daily bread with the players. Nor is it that MAR feels very comfortable in Gijón, where she considers that she is still a target for Abelardo’s widowers, but where curiously she is “suffering” the same process as Pitu: play-off demand when there is no template.

Then you have to see how the gift of opportunity is being primed with Sporting. With the subscriber campaign still warming up, the same day as the presentation of the only new face so far and a few hours after starting the trip to beautiful and beloved Mexico, the rojiblanca entity touched a new change of coach without having played a single minute. You know, like in “Verano azul” when Chanquete hit it, something dies in the soul when a friend leaves. Or not, that in the end MAR stays, did you hear, dude?

2023-07-10 21:05:37
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