Model Hemsley’s Controversial Victory in Kingpyn Influencer Boxing Show Sparks Criticism

In the fight show of the influencer “boxing” organization “Kingpyn” that took place last weekend, after the decision of the judges (48-47,48-47,49-46), he beat another model Aleksandra Daniela.

Immediately after the victory, Hemsley hugged her coach and bared her breasts.

Now the model herself has explained the widely discussed episode: “I had flame stickers on my nipples. The plan was that I lift my bra and there are flames. From the series – this girl is on fire.

I won, lifted my top and the whole world saw my breasts because the flame stickers stayed in the bra,” said the model.

“Kingpyn” later issued a statement that such behavior would not be tolerated and that Hemsley would not participate in the final fight of the tournament.

Hemsley herself stated that she will not participate in the last fight of the “Kingpyn” tournament, because she wants to rest her body.

“I have not been disqualified. I just decided to rest. I plan to return to the ring in the winter,” said Hemsley.

Immediately after the fight, the famous boxing promoter Eddie Hearn criticized the stripping.

My opinion is this – I hate this behavior. We’ve put in the hard work to ensure that women in the boxing world are respected for their abilities and achievements,” Hearn said.

The “fight” that took place last weekend was the first time that Hemsley’s steps in the boxing ring ended with success. In April of this year, she lost in her debut fight. The 22-year-old model reportedly only started boxing training two weeks before her debut fight.


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