Mexico Faces Criticism and Prepares for Gold Cup Quarterfinals Against Costa Rica


Mexico, which has just lost to Qatar on the last date of the Gold Cup group stage, is preparing to face Costa Rica in the quarterfinals this Saturday.

The tricolor squad was highly criticized after the defeat and Diego Vázquez after the game in Honduras criticized the Aztecs for not winning the match.

“I don’t know, because we weren’t watching the game in Mexico and I thought that at least they were going to tie the game. I repeat again, if Mexico did not play to win, soccer will take its toll on them in future competitions because soccer does take its toll on you. Do not doubt it”.

Those words by Diego Vázquez have generated an echo this day in the conference given by Jaime Lozano, coach of the Mexico team.

Gustavo Caballero, a journalist from DIEZ, asked “Jimmy” about Diego’s words and this is how the coach of the tricolor squad responded.

QUESTION: “The former coach of Honduras, Diego Vázquez, assured that the soccer gods were going to punish you and your team for not winning Qatar and that this was part of karma. What do you think?”

ANSWER: “Correct me if it’s not true, he said it before watching the game, because if you watch the game we did everything to win. I think that a lot was said about that a long time ago and we could meet in the final if we both got there”.

And he added: “I think that statement is simply very emotional because they made a great effort, a great game, they did what they had to and we couldn’t help them qualify, but we did want to win the match. They only kicked us once to the goal and passed three times from half a change. So, I can’t understand that someone who saw the match comes to say that we let ourselves win”.

The Mexican team faces Costa Rica this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup. The tricolor squad is bound to win.

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