Majorera festival in La Palma

The Palm it was visited in green and white throughout the weekendto. The final of the first category Disa-Government of the Canary Islands regional league was the cause of the aforementioned colors invading the Isla Bonita. The tonality represented the official tones of Fuerteventura and, also of the two finalists: CL Maxorata and Unión Antigua, both majoreros clubs, who reached the final proving to be the best in the Canary Islands. In the end, the victory went in favor of Antigua by 12-9 and achieves a new regional twist as it did in 2019 in this same competition.

From left to right, the wrestlers from Antigua celebrate their victory. The Onda Fuerteventura team interview Tino Matoso, and the president of the Cabildo, Lola García, with the fans of Antigua after the end. | | LP/DLP

To the great sporting event of our vernacular sport, which had generated enormous expectations not only in Fuerteventura but on all the islands of the Canary Archipelago, the president of the Fuerteventura Council, Lola García, the mayoress of Tuineje, Candelaria Umpiérrez, as well as other representatives of Majorera institutions attended.

Majorera festival in La Palma

The final held at the Terrero de Tazacorte, which was sold out with almost 3,000 fans, and which was postponed on the 15th due to the voracious fire that hit the island, had two protagonists: One in the stands, who were the more than a thousand Majoreros who supported their teams. The other, the fighter from Antigua, Tino Rodríguez, who would become a fundamental piece in the final victory by leaving out of the fight and, after a draw in the fight, the mainstay of Maxorata, Eusebio Ledesma, due to warnings.

Majorera festival in La Palma

Rodríguez was also decisive in the semifinal against Aridane when he beat Yerai Hernández in sudden death, putting his team in the grand final.

The two finalist teams knew each other perfectly, not in vain are they great rivals in the insular competitions, so the fight took place in a duel from power to power from the beginning of it with a tight score, although in some parts of the fight began to unbalance the same the laborers of Antigua.

After the start of the props in the chair, everything indicated that the result was going to be very close, but in the end it was not.

After separating in the first, Kiren Gonzalez (Antigua) and Efrain Perera (Maxorata) they went all out in a second grab where the fighter from Antigua ended up imposing his law to achieve 11-9. Faced with this adverse result, Maxorata placed all his hopes in Eusebio Ledesma, who had to fight against Tino Rodríguez. The Unión Antigua fighter brought madness to the field when he managed to give the first to the mainstay from Tenerife.

In the second grab with two warnings, receiving the third by having both hands on the outside. Despite the fact that both fighters left their souls trying to win, the fourth warning to Eusebio Ledesma for the position of the head condemned Maxorata and exalted a Unión Antigua that with this 12-9 victory achieved a new one. development at the regional level.

The prestigious journalist from La Palma, Jorge Luis González, specialist in canarian wrestling, He pointed out that the mainstay of Maxorata, Eusebio Ledesma, after his first fall “we saw him mentally blocked and, despite drawing, he was disqualified due to warnings in the third round, which would be the last one caught, and putting the final 12-9.”

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