Luis Suárez’s Contract Extension Hangs on Anticipating Contract End

Luis Suárez will stay in Brazil until December, when the season ends, but on one condition: anticipate the end of his contract and be able to go free. The commitment united the Uruguayan with the Gremio until the end of 2024. However, the club has agreed to change the date so that he can leave a year earlier.

In this situation, if the striker decides to sign for Inter Miamithe Guild will receive nothing for the transfer.

Luis Suárez continues ‘on fire’ with a goal and assist: who said withdrawal?

Suarez arrived in Porto Alegre in January 2023 and it was the player’s own requirement to sign for two seasons. This concession is due to the uncomfortable situation within the club generated by rumors, first of a possible withdrawal due to his knee injury and then to the offer from Inter Miami, where he would play with Messi and other former Barcelona teammates.

Hiring the footballer was very important for Gremio, which saw the number of members grow to exceed the all-time high and reach 113,000. Despite his physical problems, he is the leader of the team and one of the top scorers for ‘Brasileirão’ with 16 goals and 9 assists in 32 games played.

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